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Top 5 Beauty Influencers You Should Follow on YouTube

Follow them now and stay updated on the latest beauty trends.
Mrunal Panchal,Malvika Sitlani,Shreya Jain,Shubhangi Anand,Smitha Deepak

Top 5 Beauty Influencers You Should Follow on YouTube

Photo Credit: Malvika Sitlani, Mrunal Panchal, Shreya Jain, Shubhangi Anand, Smitha Deepak Instagram

  • Mrunal Panchal: Global beauty influencer with 823K subscribers
  • Malvika Sitlani: Honest reviews and flawless makeup tutorials
  • Shreya Jain: DIY beauty, makeup trends, and hauls

The beauty industry has witnessed a remarkable transformation in recent years, becoming one of the most popular and influential sectors. With many makeup brands and products emerging, the beauty game has evolved to new heights. Gone are the days when Bollywood celebrities were the sole endorsers of beauty products; thanks to the rise of social media, a new wave of creators and influencers has emerged, offering approachable and relatable content. In this feature, we look at five beauty influencers you should follow on YouTube if you aren't already!

Mrunal Panchal @GujjuUnicorn (823K subscribers)

Mrunal Panchal, a prominent global beauty influencer, has garnered a significant following on her YouTube channel, Gujju Unicorn. If you're interested in beauty and makeup hacks, her channel is your ultimate destination. With a subscriber count exceeding 823k, Mrunal shares various content, including vlogs, travel stories, and makeup routines. Her influence has reached a global stage, as recently, she collaborated with Selena Gomez to promote rare beauty products.

Malvika Sitlani @ThatGirlInVogue (797K subscribers)

With an impressive subscriber count of over 790K, Malvika Sitlani has established herself as a prominent beauty influencer. Her YouTube channel is widely recognized for its detailed makeup tutorials and honest product reviews. Malvika's expertise in mastering the base and achieving flawless skin has garnered a significant following. Beyond her beauty content, Malvika has also been transparent about her journey as a single mom, sharing honest updates and addressing the challenges of raising her daughter. Her relatability and genuine approach have contributed to her success as one of the most accomplished beauty influencers in the country.

Shreya Jain @shreyajain26 (752K subscribers)

If you're passionate about beauty, makeup, and fashion DIY, Shreya's YouTube channel is a must-watch. With a focus on sharing her favourite makeup products, trying out viral makeup trends, and showcasing her makeup hauls, Shreya Jain provides authentic content that resonates with her audience. Boasting an impressive subscriber count of over 750k, she has established a loyal following on YouTube. Having joined the platform in 2010, Shreya's enduring popularity is proof of her consistency and ability to connect with her viewers. Whether seeking inspiration or looking for the latest makeup trends, Shreya's channel offers a wide range of valuable content.

Shubhangi Anand @shubhangi_anand__ (903K subscribers)

Shubhangi Anand is a rising star in the beauty industry, making a name for herself as a beauty blogger focusing on skincare and haircare. With an impressive subscriber count of over 700k on YouTube, she has garnered a dedicated following through her in-depth tutorials and product reviews. Her talent and influence in the digital sphere have been recognized by Forbes India, ranking her 20th in their prestigious 100 Digital Stars list. Shubhangi Anand's YouTube channel promises to deliver engaging content on fashion and beauty as she continues to experiment, evolve, and develop her personal style.

Smitha Deepak @SmithaDepak (3.32M subscribers)

Smitha Deepak, a popular YouTuber and talented makeup artist, has gained a massive following of over 3 million subscribers. Known for her innovative makeup tutorials, Smitha covers many topics, from recreating Bollywood celebrity looks to addressing common makeup mistakes and much more. With her consistent updates and in-depth knowledge of the latest makeup trends, Smitha has established herself as a go-to source for makeup enthusiasts. If you're eager to explore the world of makeup and beauty, Smitha's channel is a must-follow account on Youtube.

From makeup tutorials to skincare tips, these influencers provide valuable insights and relatable content for beauty enthusiasts.


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