Make Your Life Better By Practicing Willingness: Sadhguru

Sadhguru reveals how to open the gates of heaven within by transcending the duality of likes and dislikes.

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Make Your Life Better By Practicing Willingness: Sadhguru

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  • Willingness will lead to simpler life
  • Struggle through the process of life
  • Choice is not about choosing to have a specific situation.

In a recent video, Sadhguru makes a profound point that transcends the complexity of life. He draws attention to our innate dualism, which causes us to frequently categorise our experiences into likes and dislikes. Much of life's misery, in Sadhguru's opinion, stems from this separation. 

Sadhguru's Profound Wisdom:

Sadhguru says, "When you do something unwillingly, that becomes your hell," alluding to the discomfort and resistance that come from approaching life with reluctance. On the other hand, when we approach life voluntarily, even the most difficult situations can turn into opportunities for deep personal development and fulfillment—something like heaven.

Sadhguru says the secret is in our power to decide how we react to the things that happen in life. Even while we might not be able to control everything that life throws at us, we still have the ability to decide how we react to it. This deliberate decision, which is based on willingness, is what turns life from a struggle into a truly joyful experience. 

It's about developing an open and willing mindset to fully interact with everything life throws at you, not about chasing after particular results or situations. This is the real meaning of choice, according to Sadhguru: the capacity to react fully and deliberately to the constantly shifting terrain of life.

When we consider the teachings of Sadhguru, we are reminded that heaven is a condition of being that arises from within when we accept life with willingness and openness, rather than some far-off place to be sought after. We have the power to make a decision at every instant. We can choose to declare an unwavering "yes" to life, transcend the boundaries of our likes and dislikes, and discover the infinite joy that is inside.

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