How to Stop Overthinking? Gauranga Das Shares His Words of Wisdom

Gauranga Das highlights three points that help you get rid from overthinking.

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How to Stop Overthinking? Gauranga Das Shares His Words of Wisdom

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  • Gauranga Das is a Spiritual personality and a digital content creator.
  • He discusses overthinking.
  • He suggested these three things who are suffering from overthinking.

Overthinking is like a wandering web in our minds. Where endless thoughts arrive in our minds every day. It is the condition where the mind captures worry and doubts. It is the time when you lose your confidence, thinking power, and decision-making ability. Overthinking displays itself in various forms, from endless questioning of past events to constant prediction of future outcomes.

If you are an overthinker, then you have to follow Gauranga Das' word of wisdom. Gauranga Das, a spiritual personality and a well-known digital content creator helps you to tackle overthinking. According to him, overthinking is an obstruction that you create for yourself. He shares three things that will help you to get rid of overthinking. What are those things? Let's find out.

1. If you are an overthinker, stop taking the worst-case scenario in your mind too seriously. It leads to constant anticipation of negative outcomes which often leads to increased stress, anxiety, and even paralyzed. Focus on what is and not on what could happen.

2. Remember one thing, it's okay not to have all the answers. Most people want to figure out everything. But in the real world, it is impossible for an individual. So, if you can't figure out something then it's okay.  

3. Try not to dwell on past mistakes. Leave your past train yourself and just focus on your present to achieve future goals.

Overthinking is an oppressive habit that blocks our ability to live in the present moment and make clear decisions. It often raises the unwanted stress and anxiety that affect your productivity and overall well-being.

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