BK Shivani's Self-Healing Guide to Overcoming Hurt

Explore BK Shivani's advice on how to deal with hurt.

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BK Shivani's Self-Healing Guide to Overcoming Hurt

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  • BK Shivani, a motivational speaker
  • What to do if someone hurts you
  • Heal yourself with BK Shivani's guidance

BK Shivani, a motivational speaker known for her insightful guidance on how to deal with life's challenges. She is a respected teacher in the Brahma Kumari's World Spiritual Organization. Recently, she shared her insightful tips about the common issue, "What you should do when someone hurts you." Her advice is simple but effective and can help you heal yourself.

BK Shivani explains it with an example like, When hurt, ask yourself a question: "How much and for how long?" Your mind will say - "They hurt me, They should apologise and change. When someone hurts you, it is normal to feel sad and expect others to apologize you or change their behavior.

But BK Shivani explains that this might never happen because the person who hurt you may not feel that they are wrong, or they may not have the power to change themselves. Waiting for them to change can be harmful to yourself and can also give you unnecessary pain.

According to BK Shivani, accept it, that you are the only one responsible for your own feelings. She says, "The truth is, you hurt yourself." This means that while someone else's actions might trigger your pain, it is your own thoughts that force it. By changing your thoughts, you can start to heal yourself.

BK Shivani advises that rather than waiting for an apology or a change in the other person, you should focus on changing your own thoughts. She is not saying that what the other person did was okay, but it means that you have the power to decide how you react. By choosing thoughts that promote healing and peace, you can let go of the hurt and move forward.

BK Shivani's guidance on dealing with hurt is about taking control of your emotions and healing from yourself. By changing your thoughts and focusing on your own well-being, you can overcome the hurt and find peace. Remember, the power to heal yourself depends on you.

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