Ankur Warikoo's Insightful Post on Relationships: A Must-Read Today!

Read Ankur Warikoo's heartfelt perspective on long-distance relationships and the art of cherishing every moment with your partner.

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Ankur Warikoo's Insightful Post on Relationships: A Must-Read Today!

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  • Ankur Warikoo's love wisdom will make you think
  • The value of time together
  • Building relationships, not just connections

If you're a follower of Ankur Warikoo on Instagram, his feed is undoubtedly a source of inspiration. His recent posts, particularly those about relationships, stand out as must-reads. In one heartfelt post, Ankur opens up about his long-distance relationship with his wife, providing insights into how they handled the challenges. He candidly answers the question that often arises: how did they manage the distance?

Long Distance Relationship:

In this particular post, Ankur opens up about his two-year long-distance relationship with his wife, Ruchi, during his time studying in the US.

Ankur shares a unique perspective, revealing that during that period, they spoke only once a week. In 2002, technology as we know it today was not prevalent, and calls were expensive. Ankur could afford a 30-minute call weekly, and that became their sole means of communication.

The Significance of Limited Interaction:

Ankur emphasizes the value of deliberate and meaningful conversations within the constraint of time. Reflecting on this, he wrote, "Although not our initial preference, the distance surprisingly proved to be a blessing."

Technology vs. Personal Space:

Ankur advocates for personal space in a world dominated by WhatsApp, video calls, and social media. He suggests that, before becoming a partner, individuals need to be friends with themselves. "Distance allows for processing experiences and understanding oneself within the relationship," Ankur wisely states.

Questions to Ponder:

Ankur poses thoughtful questions: "How would you behave with only 30 minutes with your partner each week? Would you indulge in unnecessary arguments, or would you focus on making them feel loved, cared for, and heard?"

Time Together is Precious:

Drawing from over 20 years of relationship experience, Ankur offers advice: "Do not take time with your partner lightly just because it's easy. Value and make the most of your time together."

Ankur's post is a beautiful reminder to cherish every moment spent with your partner. "In this digital age, relationships still need to be built," Ankur concludes, leaving us with a profound lesson that makes us thoughtful.

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