"I'm not an Influencer. I'm a Content Creator!"

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"I'm not an Influencer. I'm a Content Creator!"

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  • Who is an influencer?
  • Who is a content creator?
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Sounds familiar? Well, after meeting and hearing multiple influencers at various events, a common topic of discussion that frequently comes up is this: 


“Who is an Influencer?”

“Who are you influencing?”

“I don't want to be called an Influencer.”

“I am a content creator not influencer!”

Men, Women and otherwise do not wish to associate with the term “Influencer” anymore as they feel it's a shameful dirty title! The problem here is a serious one and lies in the sudden surge of creators in various genres throughout the country and beyond. It's not a pool anymore. It's a tsunami of creators out there! “A problem of plenty where everyone is an Influencer,” said one top creator on condition of anonymity. 

Well if you research a bit  you will realise that “Influencer” is an age old term but has gained more traction only recently amidst the growing popularity and profitability of this growing industry. Also, influencer sounds more hefty and passable for social media creators across all domains. 

Earlier before 2016, there was no influencer culture as such. It was only after it that the marketing giants realised the worth and started encashing on the  potential billion dollar Influencer marketing industry and that's how every person creating content on social media quickly turned into an Influencer! 

It was actually a term pushed forth by marketing giants once the Brands came into the picture. Creators started using it to endorse products and influence their audience. It was a gradual smooth shift for social media creators without realising the repercussions. 

Creators vs Influencers 

Okay, so how to differentiate. There are creators who are doing genuine hard work and their content is proof of it. On the other hand, there is a lot of wannabe creators who have the gall to call themselves “Influencers” without having any proper niche, content or specialisation to impart relevant knowledge. The latter lot definitely puts the authenticity of a “real life influencer” in jeopardy. 

Call me a Content Creator 

The trend of being called a content creator rather than an influencer changed right after the National Creators Awards 2023, organised by the Government and felicitated by PM Modi. It was the biggest high for any person creating content on social media. 

Now, it's almost demeaning to be called an Influencer and creative to be called a Content Creator. It's a validation that you are doing authentic work.

So, who is an Influencer? 

If you have watched the recent interview of Kareena Kapoor Khan, her reaction to a question on influencers is appalling, offensive but err… true!? It is thought-provoking and self-doubting at the same time. Question arises: Who really is an Influencer? Can people call themselves Influencers when they are not really influencing anyone? Or are they?  

If you go by Google definition: 

An influencer is someone in your niche or industry with sway over your target audience. Influencers have specialized knowledge, authority or insight into a specific subject. 

Take note of the last sentence. It is this statement that puts a question mark on the job profile of creators. Sad truth of course. 

‘Influencer' became a negative title when the overdose and overuse of this term overpowered the online and offline world. The Influencer lot started losing their essence and authenticity last year when the audience realised that influencers are only here to promote or sell something. Now, this somehow takes away years of hard work done to build a brand name / profile. 

What is important is to normalise any term that gets associated with content creators. Trust me, you are no sinner if you are an influencer. Treat it as a perk or peril, your choice. 

Let's also never forget that ultimately, CONTENT IS KING and that is what will define any social media personality apart from the other. Terms and titles will come and go. The important key takeaway here is: Keep your content relevant and original. Engage with the audience and be as authentic as you can be. That is the only real way to influence. 

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