Ankush Bahuguna's Concealer Hack: Less is More

Ankush Bahuguna talks about applying concealer perfectly.

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Ankush Bahuguna's Concealer Hack: Less is More

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  • Less is More for Concealer

Renowned for his perceptive beauty advice, Ankush Bahuguna recently took to social media to address a frequent makeup error: cakey under eyes from overuse of concealer. He provided his knowledge on how to get perfect under eyes without overdoing the sensitive skin with makeup in an open post. Ankush says that applying concealer in a minimalistic manner is the key to preventing cakey under eyes. 

Ankush Bahuguna's Concealer Hack:

Rather than applying the wand directly beneath the eyes, he suggests using a tiny quantity of substance at first and progressively increasing the coverage as required. This avoids the dreaded cakey look and gives you better control over the application process.

Additionally, Ankush emphasizes the significance of mixing when using concealer. Thick product layers don't always blend in with the skin; instead, they tend to rest on top of the skin. This gives the hidden area an unnatural appearance and creates a striking contrast with the rest of the face. 

People can get a more unified and natural-looking finish by using less product and paying close attention to the blending process. Beyond only application methods, Ankush's counsel promotes a change of perspective when it comes to makeup coverage. 

A little goes a long way, despite the common misconception that thick layers of product are necessary for full coverage. People can attain a faultless appearance by beginning with little product and progressively increasing coverage just where necessary.

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