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Breaking Stereotypes: Try a Natural Makeup Look with Aditya Madiraju

Telugu-speaking Aditya Madiraju shares a tutorial for a natural makeup look in Hindi.

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Breaking Stereotypes: Try a Natural Makeup Look with Aditya Madiraju

Photo Credit: Aditya Madiraju Instagram

  • Aditya Madiraju is a makeup freak and an influencer
  • He is breaking gender stereotypes with his exquisite content
  • His latest reel feature a subtle makeup look tutorial


Aditya Madiraju is a United States-based social media influencer. He has always loved trying out different looks by experimenting with makeup. His in-depth understanding of makeup has helped him deliver valuable content to his audience. Being passionate about makeup, Aditya has built a strong and loyal following of more than 485K followers on Instagram.

A Subtle Makeup Look

With different makeup tutorials on the internet, Aditya shared a natural makeup look. Who does not like a subtle touch of makeup to get perfectly flawless skin? This natural makeup look can be done in a few easy steps and be a go-to everyday look.

Moisturize and Prime

Before applying any other makeup product, Aditya uses a layer of moisturizer, as skincare should never be skipped. Applying primer to the face helps bind the makeup to the skin. It also creates a protective layer for the skin.

Let's Cover it Up!

To give coverage to the discolouration, Aditya uses a cream foundation. Patting the foundation in lesser amounts will provide a flawless base.

Define the Lines

Aditya uses bronzer to add depth to the skin on the face outlines. Blending it inside the hairline, he shares how some beauty influencers create glass skin illusions by using filters. Skin texture is very natural to be evident even with makeup.

Let's Tint and Conceal

Aditya adds a subtle shade of blush to his face, making it look natural. Moving on, he conceals his under-eye circles by using some concealer.

The Final Touch

Aditya recommends using a setting powder to set makeup in the right places. In addition, he uses nude lip gloss and a setting spray to finish the look.

Aditya shares makeup ideas and spreads the message of being unbiased. By the end of the video, he urges people not to relate makeup to a particular gender but to do whatever they want with it.

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