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The Humorous portrayal of Two Type of Ladies by Raj Grover

Explore Raj Grover's humorous portrayal of two ladies - one who praises and appreciates and the other who criticizes and finds fault.

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The Humorous portrayal of Two Type of Ladies by Raj Grover

Photo Credit: Raj Grover Instagram

  • Raj Grover, a comedy content creator
  • Two types of ladies in every locality
  • Fault-finder vs. praiser

There are two types of ladies in every locality: one who will be happy with your things and the other who will find faults in your things. Do you also have this type of ladies in your locality? Raj Grover, a comedy content creator, disguises himself as one of the ladies and portrays the situation perfectly.

A Visit to a Friend's New House

The Fault-Finder:

  • As soon as she enters her friend's new house, she starts with a taunt: "Badhai ho, ghar shift bhi kar liya aur bataya bhi nahi."
  • She criticizes the maintenance of big houses, saying, "People can build big houses but maintaining them is difficult."
  • When she sees the glass windows, she dismisses them saying, "Everything is for fashion, glass is glass. My husband doesn't like it at all. We have installed wooden windows, they look nice."
  • She also comments on the lights, predicting they will go bad soon and proudly mentions that her husband only wanted four lights in their house.

The Praiser:

  • She enters the house with excitement: "Arey Bhabhi, kitna bada ghar hai!"
  • She admires the glass windows, commenting, "Bhabhi, this glass window is very nice. By the way, this is the trend these days."
  • She appreciates the lighting, saying, "Bhabhi, you have installed a lot of lights in your house and they look nice."
  • As they leave, the fault-finder insists on bringing her husband to see the house, to which the homeowner thinks to herself, "Yes, definitely, so that the remaining shortcomings can be pointed out."

This entertaining portrayal of Raj Grover highlights the contrast between those who appreciate and those who criticize, which is common in many localities.

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