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Exclusive: Ignoring Trolls is the Best, Says Jaspreet Dyora

Jaspreet Dyora opens up about her journey with whosthat360.

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Exclusive: Ignoring Trolls is the Best, Says Jaspreet Dyora

Photo Credit: Jaspreet Dyora Instagram

  • Jaspreet Dyroa is a popular influencer'
  • She speaks to whosthat360 exclusively
  • Jaspreet: I observe a lot

Content creator and dancer Jaspreet Dyora exclusively speaks to whosthat360. In this conversation, she talks about her journey, her way of dealing with trolls, and much more.

Here are the edited excerpts from this conversation;

What inspired you to start your content creation journey? 

I really like to spread positivity which only inspired me to start this content creation thing, to make people laugh and happy.

How do you come up with your daily content ideas?

I observe a lot.

What kind of challenges do you face as a content creator? How do you manage and overcome them?

The main challenge is to balance humour with dignity and respect. I mean to say to give clean humour content.

Is there any influencer whom you consider a strong competitor or individual you admire within the industry?

I consider my yesterday self as my competition

How do you handle the success and attention that comes with your viral videos? How does it impact your approach to content creation?

I stay humble and grounded. No, not at all it changes my approach toward content creation.

How do you engage and interact with your audience? Can you share some strategies or approaches that have helped you build a strong connection with your followers?

I try to reply to DMs and comments as much as I can. I guess go out in public and interact.

How do you handle criticism or negative feedback from your audience? 

I just ignore them, ignorance is the best.

What advice would you give someone wanting to become a content creator?

Just post consistently and think less and do more.

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