Multigrain Bread: Healthy or Unhealthy; Find Out Here

Neha Ranglani a health coach exposes the truth behind choosing multigrain bread as a healthier choice.

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Multigrain Bread: Healthy or Unhealthy; Find Out Here

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  • Neha Ranglani is a renowned health coach.
  • She highlights the ingredients of multigrain bread.
  • Does white and multigrain bread contain the same nutrient values?

For the past few years, multigrain bread has accumulated a lot of attention from the bread consumer. It is apparently a healthier alternative to the conventional white and brown bread. As its name suggests, the multigrain bread contains various arrays of grains, which promise a more nutritious choice in your diet. But have you ever wondered whether this bread is a good choice for your health and tried to know about its ingredients? 

Neha Ranglani a renowned health coach and a digital content creator shares her precious overview on breads. According to her, refined wheat flour is the prime ingredient in most multigrain bread. And if you are consuming this daily then you have to know about it.

Multigrain bread contains wheat product 54%, 5% oil seeds, and 2% ragi flour. Up to 54% of its content can consist of this refined grain, which shares many of the same nutritional values as white bread. While multigrain bread surely contains a variety of seeds and grains, the quantities are very nominal. As per ingredient reports, 5% of seeds and 2% of ragi flour, hardly contribute markedly to its overall nutritional value. With this ingredient, we can easily understand that there is not much difference between multigrain bread and white bread.

Moreover, the term ÔÇśmultigrain' itself can be deceptive. Altern with his name it has a lack of fiber, vitamins, and minerals. Does multigrain bread truly deserve its fame as a healthier choice? It damages your gut health like other breads. However, it offers some benefits over white bread, such as high fiber content and a lower glycemic index.

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