Mastering the Back Lever: A Tutorial by Georgi Sarkisyan

Back Lever Tutorial by Georgi Sarkisyan: Master the gravity-defying pole talent in 5 steps, from pull-ups to the stunning Straddle Hold.
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Mastering the Back Lever: A Tutorial by Georgi Sarkisyan

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  • Georgi Sarkisyan's Back Lever tutorial
  • 5 essential steps to achieve the Back Lever skill
  • A comprehensive guide to mastering this impressive pole maneuver

A new instructional reel from Georgi Sarkisyan claims to increase your pole dancing abilities. Learn how to execute BackLever in this video, the author captions. He explains the Back Lever technique in his "BackLever Tutorial."

The Five Steps to a Successful Back Lever

The goal of Georgi's video is to make learning how to use the back lever simple and doable. He lists five crucial stages that must be followed to master this gravity-defying pole maneuver.

Step 1: Pull-ups to increase strength

Strengthening upper body strength is the first step in strengthening the Back Lever. Georgi advises beginning with at least 10+ pull-ups to build the requisite strength.

Step 2: The Dead Hang Technique

The ability to dead-hang, which requires hanging from the pole with your hands directed downward and diagonally to the ground, is essential. Georgi offers advice to help you master this method.

Step 3: Advanced Tuck Hold

Georgi advocates mastering the advanced tuck hold as a step toward the Back Lever. By strengthening and stabilizing your core, this intermediate phase gets you ready for the entire maneuver.

Step 4: Back Lever Negatives

Georgi explores the Back Lever negatives method, which entails carefully timed descents from the pole. As you progress to the full Back Lever, this stage aids in your control and confidence development.

Step 5: Getting the Straddle Hold

The Straddle Hold, a crucial part of the Back Lever, is the last task in Georgi's teaching. He offers advice on how to get this high-level position.

The Back Lever instruction by Georgi Sarkisyan is a thorough reference for pole fans wishing to learn this outstanding talent. You'll be well on your way to learning the Back Lever and demonstrating your pole skills with his professional teaching and the five organized steps. So get a pole, follow the tutorial, and start honing your pole skills!

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