Fitness Goals: Yasmin Karachiwala Shares Fun Work Out Session with Friends

Yasmin Karachiwala's new reel might give you major fitness goals.
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Yasmin Karachiwala Shares Fun Work Out Session

Photo Credit: Yasmin Karachiwala Instagram

  • Yasmin Karachiwala posted a Reel from her fitness studio
  • While working out with her friends, she has fun
  • The reel fills in one with enthusiasm and energy

While the tempting flavours of pizza, burgers and icecreams captivate us, the urge to have a fit body buries somewhere down. On the other hand,

the transformation reels on Instagram form peer pressure to work out efficiently. Yasmin Minawala shared a reel on Instagram capturing the idea of getting fit along with fun.

About Yasmin Minawala

With an experience of 22 years in the fitness industry, Yasmin Minawala is the most renowned celebrity fitness trainer. She is a social media influencer with over 1 million followers on Instagram. Her latest reel features her fitness studio Yasmin Minawala Body Image (YMBI).

Fit and Fun

The idea of working out has always been labelled as hectic and tedious. Yasmin believes in shattering such stereotypes with her latest reel, where she is working out with her friends. In addition to getting fit, they are relishing the best times of their lives doing fun. Working out and having fun altogether, doesn't it sound like a dream come true? In addition to personal training, her fitness studio offers duets and group classes. "Your buddies and you working out together, ready to conquer the world—or at least a workout!" Yasmin captions the reel.

Yasmin's unique idea of fitness and devoted efforts to connect with the audience has helped her grow. While teaching the belief of putting health and fitness on priority, she manages her way out to reach her followers. Being a social media influencer, she actively shares information about fitness, diet and exercises with her global audience.

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