Ekansh Taneja's Guide to Building Muscle and Shedding Fat Simultaneously

Ekansh Taneja's clip explores muscle gain and fat loss at the same time. He discusses low body fat, muscle memory, and steroids
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Ekansh Taneja's Guide to Building Muscle and Shedding Fat Simultaneously

Photo Credit: Ekansh Taneja Instagram

  • Discover the possibility of gaining muscle and losing fat together
  • Three essential factors to make it happen
  • Insights on muscle memory and steroids in the process

Ekansh Taneja's recent Instagram video, "Want to gain muscle and lose fat at the same time?" answers a common fitness issue. He delves further into the possibilities of accomplishing this seemingly conflicting aim and identifies the critical ingredients required to make it a reality.

The Three Most Important Factors in Achieving This feat

Low Body Fat: According to Ekansh, having a low level of body fat is critical for people trying to grow muscle and lose weight at the same time. Lowering body fat levels improves insulin sensitivity, which is important in food partitioning. Your body becomes more efficient at using nutrients for muscular growth by eliminating extra fat.

De-Training: This is when the concept of muscle memory comes into play. If you're a seasoned lifter who goes through a period of de-training owing to injury or other causes, your muscles store myo nuclei from earlier training. Resuming training after a time of de-training might result in rapid muscular growth as your muscles quickly restore their prior size.

While Ekansh suggests steroids as an option, it's vital to note that their use should be done with caution and under medical supervision. Steroids, like myo nuclei, give hormonal support, assisting in muscle memory and promoting rapid muscle growth. Their usage, however, is accompanied by possible health hazards and should be explored only after extensive research and consultation with a healthcare practitioner.

The Beginner's Advantage and Body Composition Reality

Ekansh also points out that beginners might experience muscle building and fat reduction while on a calorie deficit, which may be more difficult for more experienced people. He emphasises the delayed nature of changes in body composition, emphasising that achieving simultaneous fat reduction and muscle gain in your fitness journey demands patience and perseverance.

Finally, Ekansh Taneja's findings shed light on the possibilities of gaining muscle and decreasing fat at the same time. Individuals can strive towards their fitness goals by focusing on low body fat, understanding muscle memory, and contemplating solutions such as steroids (with discretion). Remember that long-term benefits, especially in the field of body composition, require time. When making big changes to your workout routine, always prioritise safety and speak with specialists.

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