10 Mood-boosting Tips For A Healthy Mind

These tips can help you elevate your mood, become more resilient, and enjoy life more.

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10 Mood-boosting Tips For A Healthy Mind

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  • Social Connections
  • Find what works for you
  • Mindful Meditation

Anyone can experience a mental or emotional health problem, with today's fast-paced work, and no time for self-reflection it gets difficult to maintain a sane mind, Mental health refers to your overall psychological well-being, how you speak, how you feel about yourself how you, quality of your relationship and how you deal with stress.

In this blog we will try and help you bring you closer to having better mental health or at least give some great tips, these tips can help you elevate your mood, become more resilient, and enjoy life more.

10 Mood-boosting Tips For A Healthy Mind

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Let's start with the most prominent Social connections: bring your social connections out of your phone, make them face-to-face, meet like-minded people, and spend time with groups of people who have the same interests, you should meet people you love and people who energize you, this will allow you to see who are your real friends and who makes you feel better in time of need

Being active: You have no idea what a major difference you will see in your mental health just by staying active, regular exercise just a trip to the Gym or a walk can have a major impact on your mental and emotional strength and help you sleep better relieve stress, improve memory,

Someone to talk to: Seeking professional help is always the best when nothing seems to be working but to be honest talking to a friendly face and sharing your concerns with someone who cares about you is one of the most effective ways to calm your nervous system and relieve stress. Give an ear to that person as well as make it a two-way conversation. So that you both are comfortable.

Find what works for you: Do you like listening to a music on loop, or a movie that makes you feel better or do you have a Netflix series that comforts you, or maybe just taking a walk in the park and admiring nature, just get into a healthy mode of unwinding with whatever suits you and works best for you.

Mindful Meditation: Meditation is not only about chanting or spiritual, Mediation can also help full in boosting your mood for a healthy mind, Find a corner in your house and decorate it with the items you like, cushions, pillows, scented candles, etc, sit in that area close your mind reflect inside, let the thoughts come and go. These few minutes will help you calm your mind and give you a sense of stress-free time

Make Leisure a priority: You can all be a little guilty of being too busy, but leisure is something that you need to add to your calendar, taking time off from your work is very important, this gives you the time to think and contemplate what good work are you doing and what needs to get better, relaxing can boost your mind and mental health, it gives you some time off from daily chores.

Your Meal plan: Your diet and food intake matter a lot when it comes to your mental health include beans,  lentils, fatty fish rich in omega-3s, nuts (e.g., walnuts, almonds, cashews, and peanuts), avocados, dark leafy greens (e.g., spinach, kale and Brussels sprouts), and fruit (e.g., blueberries). Dark chocolate to your diet and you will an instant change in your mental state these types of food support your mental health.

Sleeping Patterns: Sleep is the only time your body is rejuvenating and relaxing, the more you get engrossed in screen time, TV, or phone before the hour of sleep the more your pattern gets disturbed, try something subtle, opt for reading a book or listening to a song which will help you relax your body.

10 Mood-boosting Tips For A Healthy Mind

Photo Credit: Pixels

Doing worthy things: This may differ for everyone but doing things that are worth a while Is the best boost for your brain, engage in work or play where you are fully able to use your skills and where you feel useful. In this pool full of strangers make connections with people who matter to you and they respect you the same way. Think of one good deed or gesture to do every day

Trial and error are part of life, failure is learning and success is a result of hard work "Anyone who has never made a mistake has never tried anything new." -Albert Einstein. Try something outside of your comfort zone to make room for adventure and excitement in your life and keep your mind open for new things and you will see your mood boosting and mental health improving.

This blog is exclusively written by Shivani Bajwa (CEO of YogaSutra and Functional Medicine and Health expert).

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