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Understanding Gold Possession Limits: Insights from Sakshi Jain

Finance influencer Sakshi Jain elucidates the permissible limits for keeping gold at home and the tax implications in case of an Income Tax investigation.

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Understanding Gold Possession Limits: Insights from Sakshi Jain

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  • Sakchi Jain is a finance influencer
  • She shares how much gold can one keep at home
  • This information can help you avoid tax troubles

In India, gold is not just a precious metal; it's a symbol of wealth and prosperity. However, when it comes to storing gold at home, there are certain limitations and tax implications that individuals must be aware of. Finance influencer Sakshi Jain shares valuable insights into how much gold one can keep at home without attracting tax troubles.

No Limit with Proof of Income:

Sakshi Jain clarifies that there is no specific limit on the amount of gold jewellery one can keep at home, as long as one can justify the source of income used to purchase the gold. In the case of an Income Tax investigation, being able to explain the source of income for your gold investments is crucial.

Limits for Unaccounted Gold:

For unaccounted gold jewellery, the Central Board of Direct Taxes (CBDT) has set certain limits to avoid tax issues. These limits are based on the individual's marital status and gender:

  • Married woman: Up to 500 grams of gold
  • Unmarried woman: Up to 250 grams of gold
  • Men: Up to 100 grams of gold

Tax Implications for Excess Gold:

If an individual possesses gold above these limits and fails to provide a satisfactory explanation for the source, the excess gold will be taxable under Section 69B of the Income Tax Act. The tax rate specified in Section 115BBE is 60%, with an additional surcharge of 25%, a Health and Education Cess (HEC) of 4%, and a penalty of 10% on the tax amount, resulting in a total tax rate of approximately 78%.

Sakshi Jain's insights highlight the importance of understanding the limits for storing gold at home and being prepared for any tax implications. By staying informed about these regulations, individuals can ensure that their precious gold investments remain a source of joy rather than a cause for concern.

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