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  • Sakchi Jain Highlights Cashless Everywhere Initiative; Read Here

Sakchi Jain Highlights Cashless Everywhere Initiative; Read Here

Sakchi Jain provides information about the 'Cashless Everywhere' campaign.

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Sakchi Jain Highlights Cashless Everywhere Initiative; Read Here

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  • Cashless Care
  • Policyholders should stay in contact with the insurance company
  • Sakchi Jain making it all easy for you.

The 'Cashless Everywhere' program has been launched by the General Insurance Council (GIC) as a noteworthy step in improving the availability of healthcare services. The goal of this project is to completely transform the way health insurance policyholders obtain medical care. It is being led in partnership with general and health insurance companies.

Sakchi Jain Discusses 'Cashless Everywhere' program:

Leading insurance industry expert Sakchi Jain has provided details on this innovative project, highlighting its ability to lessen people's financial strain during illnesses. Policyholders are no longer restricted to facilities in the insurer's network or have to worry about making cash payments thanks to "Cashless Everywhere."

A crucial point raised by Sakchi Jain is the need for policyholders' active interaction. To facilitate the filing of cashless claims, patients must notify the insurer of elective operations at least 48 hours before admittance. According to this, to receive cashless reimbursements for emergency treatments, prompt contact is required within 48 hours after admission.

Sakchi Jain further emphasizes how important it is to make sure the cashless service complies with the insurance company's operational requirements and that the claim satisfies the rules and regulations of the policy. This reduces the possibility of claim denial or delays and guarantees policyholders an efficient process.

A major advancement in expanding access to high-quality medical treatment is the 'Cashless Everywhere' project. Through the removal of obstacles related to cash payments and network limits, this program enables people to access timely medical care without financial restraints.


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