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Exclusive! My Unique Perspective For Content Creation Sets Me Apart From Others: Mohd. Abubacker Samsudeen

My content helps my audience save time by providing knowledge about finance and lifestyle hacks: Mohmed Abubacker Samsudeen.

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Exclusive! My Unique Perspective For Content Creation Sets Me Apart From Others: Mohd. Abubacker

Photo Credit: Mohd. Abubacker Samsudeen's Team

  • Mohmed Abubacker Samsudeen is a finance content creator
  • He is also known as Time Billionaire
  • Samsudeen: I always had a desire to break away from a conventional life

Popular finance content creator, Mohmed Abubacker Samsudeen aka Time Billionaire has exclusively spoken to whosthat360. In this insightful chit-chat, he discussed about the beginning of his content creation, aspirations, and much more.

Here are a few edited excerpts from this interview:

Can you tell us about your journey from being an unknown individual to becoming an Instagram luminary with over 1M followers in just eight months?

I've always had a business-oriented mindset, and one quote by Bill Gates resonated deeply with me: "If your business is not on the Internet, then your business will be out of business." This quote sparked my desire to be on the internet.
Initially, I explored various niches such as food vlogging and interior design videos. However, these ventures didn't yield significant financial returns. Realizing the importance of leveraging my strengths and my love for finance, I decided to focus on creating content around lifestyle hacks that would help save time and money for my audience.
I began by closely observing how successful finance creators produced their content. This research inspired me to develop my unique style. This unique approach resonated with a wide audience, and through consistent and engaging posts, my following rapidly grew to over 1 million in just eight months.

What inspired you to create the Time Billionaire's Club app, and how do you envision it revolutionizing social media education?

The TBC app was inspired by the idea that our regular schooling often doesn't teach us the skills we need to make money in real life. Instead, it focuses on stuff that might not be so useful. I wanted to change that by giving people the chance to learn practical skills that can help them earn money right away.
The app is all about teaching people how to use Instagram to grow their presence and, more importantly, how to turn that into real cash. It's like a school for social media, but with a focus on making money rather than just getting likes. With this app, I hope to show people that mastering social media can really change their lives by helping them make money online.

Could you share some insights into your strategic approach to content creation on Instagram, including how you analyze trends and refine your content?

My strategic approach to content creation on Instagram involves staying updated with the latest business news and trending topics on Twitter. I also observe other creators to see what content is resonating in the market. This helps me analyze trends effectively. By combining this research with my unique perspective, I can create distinctive content. Regularly reviewing the performance of my posts allows me to refine my strategy and enhance engagement continuously.

What motivated you to invest 30 lakhs INR into your social media endeavors, and how do you measure the return on this investment?

I always had a desire to break away from a conventional life and pursue something extraordinary. I've always been driven by a passion for the internet and the immense potential it holds. Witnessing other creators rapidly grow their audiences and generate substantial income from content creation further fueled my decision. I wanted to be part of that dynamic and lucrative digital space.
I measure the return on this investment in several ways. Achieving a million followers in a short span is a clear indicator that my content resonates with a large audience. This rapid growth signifies that my audience enjoys and engages with my content, which helps it reach even more people. Additionally, the recognition and appreciation I receive from my audience, fellow creators, and brands affirm the impact and reach of my efforts. Brand promotions and collaborations are another metric, showcasing the trust and value that brands place on my platform.

Can you elaborate on the concept of a "time billionaire" and how it relates to your approach to social media and education?

A "time billionaire" values time as a critical asset, even more than money. For example, Warren Buffett became a billionaire at 60, with less time to enjoy his wealth. Conversely, having a lot of time to invest wisely can make you a time-billionaire.
My content helps my audience save time by providing knowledge about finance and lifestyle hacks. This saved time can be used to make money and improve their quality of life, helping them become time billionaires who are rich in both time and financial resources.

What can users expect to gain from the courses offered on the Time Billionaire's Club app, and how do you ensure the content is both engaging and informative?

The course will teach users the hidden techniques I used to quickly grow my Instagram following to millions in just 8 months. Throughout the course, I'll share the strategies and tricks that made my videos go viral. If users decide to sign up for the long term, I'll work closely with them to help make their videos go viral. We will also ensure that our students have a good understanding of writing compelling content and help them grow until they start to monetize their online presence.

How do you see the Time Billionaire's Club bridging the gap between traditional schooling and modern tech platforms, particularly in terms of social media education?

According to me, TBC will play an important role in bridging the gap between traditional schooling and modern edtech platforms. Unlike traditional education, TBC will focus on teaching skills that are relevant to helping the audience earn income. This approach will cater to a wide range of individuals, from students who want to learn how to generate passive income to passionate creators aiming to build full-time careers through Instagram.

Could you share some details about the community aspect of the and how users can collaborate and learn from each other's experiences?

The sole reason behind building the time billionaire's community is to bring in like-minded people who just don't want to settle with one skill or one income source and are willing to upskill with in-demand skills.
The users share their win stories in the community along with case studies so that others can learn from their achievements.

What sets your page apart from other social media education platforms, and how do you plan to stay innovative in this rapidly evolving space?

Starting as an entrepreneur, I quickly gained a million followers on Instagram by sharing lifestyle hacks. Now, as a Business Coach, I use my experience to inspire others to chase their dreams. My unique perspective, of entrepreneurial skill and content creation, sets me apart from others in my field. I offer practical advice and real-life stories that make both content creation & entrepreneurship accessible to everyone.
To stay innovative in this rapidly evolving space, I continually analyze trends and adapt my content accordingly. By staying updated with the latest business news and social media trends, I ensure that my content remains relevant and engaging. Additionally, I regularly review the performance of my posts and refine my strategies to enhance engagement and effectiveness. This dynamic approach keeps my platform fresh and valuable for my audience.

What are your aspirations for the future of the Time Billionaire's Club, and how do you see it impacting the landscape of social media education in the long term?

My aspirations for the Time Billionaire's Club (TBC) are to revolutionize social media education by focusing on practical, income-generating skills. I envision TBC becoming a leading platform where users learn to leverage social media for financial success, ultimately transforming their lives. In the long term, TBC will bridge the gap between traditional schooling and modern edtech platforms, setting a new standard for social media education by emphasizing real-world, actionable knowledge.

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