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Chandralekha Offers Insider Advice on How to Save on Travel Taxes

In this innovative video, Chandralekha Mittemari Ravikumar shares the key to tripling tax savings on domestic travel between 2022 and 2025.

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Chandralekha Offers Insider Advice on How to Save on Travel Taxes

Photo Credit: Chandralekha Mittemari Ravikumars

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Renowned financial guru Chandralekha Mittemari Ravikumar has revealed a revolutionary way for Indian tourists to save a significant amount of money on taxes. She clarifies a little-known clause that permits people to deduct taxes twice on domestic travel expenses paid between 2022 and 2025 in a recent video. 

How to Save on Domestic Travel?

The secret to obtaining these double tax benefits, according to Chandralekha, is to make the most of the Leave Travel Allowance (LTA) component of your pay structure. You can deduct costs for travel to and from India, including flights, bus tickets, and train tickets. if you include LTA in your payroll structure and provide boarding permits as evidence during the investment proof submission window.

Significant tax savings are possible, particularly for people in higher tax bands. For example, you may save Rs. 9,360 in taxes if you spend Rs. 30,000 on travel and you're in the 30% tax bracket. Moreover, you can carry over any unused portion of your LTA to the following four-year block, giving you greater flexibility and potential tax savings

Chandralekha cordially invites you to attend her forthcoming strategy masterclass on March 23rd if you want to learn more about these tactics in-depth and get access to special materials. Practical case studies, a comparison of the old and new income tax calculator, tax bonus handouts, and an extensive case study guide will all be included in this intensive session.

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