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Tanistha Basu's Ultimate Haircut Guide for Every Face Shape

Style coach and digital influencer Tanistha Basu unveils her expert haircut guide tailored for different face shapes, aiming to resolve the common dilemma of choosing the perfect hairstyle.
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Tanistha Basu's Ultimate Haircut Guide for Every Face Shape

Photo Credit: Tanistha Basu Instagram

  • Tanistha Basu is a style coach and digital influencer
  • She shares a haircut guide for different face shapes
  • Hope your haircut dilemma is sorted

Choosing the right haircut can be a transformative experience, significantly enhancing one's appearance and confidence. Tanistha Basu, a renowned style coach and digital influencer, understands the importance of selecting a haircut that complements one's face shape. With her expertise, Tanistha offers a comprehensive guide designed to help individuals find their ideal hairstyle, ensuring that the haircut dilemma faced by many is finally sorted.

Square-Shaped Face: Softening the Angles

For those with square-shaped faces, characterized by a broad forehead and strong jawline, Tanistha recommends hairstyles that soften these angular features. Long layers with disconnection, medium messy layers, and short textured bobs are ideal for adding dimension and softening the face's edges. These styles help to balance the face's natural structure, creating a more harmonious appearance.

Round-Shaped Face: Creating Definition

Individuals with round-shaped faces benefit from haircuts that add definition and elongate the face. Tanistha suggests opting for straight neck-length cuts, shiny bobs with a wavy structure, or curtain bangs paired with long hair. These hairstyles create the illusion of a longer face, breaking up the roundness and enhancing facial features.

Oval-Shaped Face: Embracing Versatility

Oval-shaped faces are considered the most versatile when it comes to hairstyles, thanks to their balanced proportions. Tanistha recommends a long bob with layers, a feathered bob with swoopy fringe, or a straight angled cut for those with this face shape. These options allow for experimentation while highlighting the face's natural symmetry.

Heart-Shaped Face: Highlighting the Cheekbones

For heart-shaped faces, which feature a wider forehead and a narrower chin, Tanistha advises hairstyles that draw attention to the cheekbones. Textured bobs with choppy fringe, smooth transition waves, or wavy layers with side-swept bangs are excellent choices. These styles add volume where needed and balance the face's shape.

Oblong-Shaped Face: Adding Width

Oblong-shaped faces, characterized by a longer and narrower appearance, benefit from haircuts that add width. Tanistha's recommendations include short cuts with swoopy bangs, middle-length angled cuts, or retro Bardot bangs. These hairstyles help to create the illusion of a shorter, wider face.

Diamond-Shaped Face: Softening Sharp Features

Diamond-shaped faces, known for their sharp cheekbones and narrower forehead and chin, look best with hairstyles that soften these features. Long and glossy waves, side-parted bobs with face-framing bangs, or chin-length bobs with blunt ends are Tanistha's top picks for this face shape. These styles enhance the face's natural beauty while providing balance.

A Haircut for Every Face

Tanistha Basu's haircut guide for different face shapes is a testament to the power of a well-chosen hairstyle. By understanding the unique characteristics of each face shape, individuals can select haircuts that enhance their natural beauty, boosting confidence and style. Whether you're contemplating a dramatic change or a subtle update, Tanistha's guide ensures that your haircut dilemma is effectively resolved, paving the way for a more confident and stylish you.


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