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Exclusive: A Candid Fashion Conversation with Karishma Rawat

"I firmly believe that minimal gold jewelry is an underrated accessory," says Karishma Rawat.
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Exclusive: A Candid Fashion Conversation with Karishma Rawat

Photo Credit: Karishma Rawat Instagram

  • Karishma Rawat is a popular influencer
  • She discusses her fashion game with whosthat360
  • She shares various tips about fashion

Karishma Rawat talks about fashion, travel, and self-growth on her social media. In an exclusive conversation with whosthat360, she reveals her fashion secrets. She shares various hacks and tips about daily fashion as well.

Here are a few edited excerpts from the delightful conversation;

What's your go-to fashion piece for an effortless yet stylish look? 

My ultimate choice for achieving an effortlessly chic look is undoubtedly a co-ord set. It effortlessly elevates your style, giving the impression of a well-thought-out ensemble. 

One fashion trend you're currently obsessed with? 

Currently, I'm completely enamored with oversized jackets. They add a stylish and comfortable dimension to any outfit. 

Your favorite fashion designer or brand? 

Samant Chauhan's creations, with their majestic silhouettes, have always captivated me. His commitment to restoring the glory of Indian crafts, particularly through handwoven textiles, is truly inspiring. 

The most underrated accessory you believe everyone should have? 

I firmly believe that minimal gold jewelry is an underrated accessory that everyone should embrace. 

High heels or comfy sneakers? 

Comfort is key for me, so I'd choose comfy sneakers over high heels any day! 

Describe your personal style in three words.

Minimal. Practical. Neutral  

A fashion rule you love to break? 

I think belts really add that x-factor to your outfits, but I hardly ever wear them! It's kind of my pet peeve; I guess anything that can deter me from eating a 5-course meal is not going to be in my good books. Haha! 

What's your favorite season for fashion and why? 

Winters are my favorite fashion season. It allows me to showcase my love for oversized jackets and blazers regularly. 

One fashion item you can't leave the house without? 

My must-have fashion item before stepping out these days is a stylish sling bag that complements my shoes. 

Vintage or modern fashion? 

Vintage fashion holds a special place in my heart. I enjoy embracing classic styles, especially when the occasion calls for it. 

The best fashion-related advice you've ever received? 

Know which colors will flatter you the most by figuring out if the undertones in your skin are either warm or cold.   

Top fashion tip for boosting confidence. 

A key fashion tip to enhance confidence is to prioritize comfort in your outfit. If you're not at ease or can't move comfortably, it's likely to make you self-conscious. While it's common to prioritize style over comfort at times, on important occasions such as interviews or speeches, ensure that you not only look good but also feel comfortable to truly shine. 

Describe the outfit that makes you feel most empowered. 

A well-fitted black power suit. Darker neutrals have a way of making you look and feel on top of the world. 

A fashion trend from the past you'd love to see make a comeback? 

My dream of having the 70s trends back has already come true! High-waisted jeans, bell bottoms, chunky sneakers, and crazy prints for the win.

How do you balance comfort and style in your outfits? 

Fashion has become more accepting and inclusive these days. So honestly, people don't mind if we mix and match elements that make our outfits more comfortable. Even if you want to wear block heels with that haute-couture outfit or carry a sling bag on the red carpet, people are a lot less judgmental. 

Share a fashion hack that everyone should know. 

A valuable fashion hack that everyone should know is to drape a silk scarf over your face while putting on your outfit. This simple trick prevents makeup from rubbing against your clothes, ensuring a flawless look every time. 


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