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Thing You Need to Know Before Turkey Trip: Suman Kothari's Tips

Suman Kothari's insightful advice and doable suggestions to anyone thinking about visiting Turkey.

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Thing You Need to Know Before Turkey Trip: Suman Kothari's Tips

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  • Too Dreamy to Return Back
  • Avoid Using Cabs
  • Major Language Barrier

Suman gives some really important tips, one of which is to always be ready for language hurdles. In Turkey, Hindi is hardly spoken, while English is not extensively used. She advises having a Google translation on available at all times to facilitate seamless talks and transactions. Your relationships with locals can be improved and the communication gap closed with this easy-to-use application. 

Travel Guide for Turkey:

Suman emphasizes the importance of thoroughly investigating the location of your hotel when it comes to lodging. In Turkey, a lot of hotels are hidden down small streets that are off-limits to taxis. Ignorance of this could lead to uncomfortable walks with bags, making you an unintentional porter rather than a carefree tourist.

Another potential minefield for visitors is transportation. Suman cautions against calling for a cab from the side of the road since you'll be more open to fraud and untrustworthy drivers. Alternatively, she suggests making use of trustworthy ride-hailing applications such as Uber or Btaxi to guarantee hassle-free and secure city travel. 

Suman offers travelers visiting Cappadocia a helpful suggestion about exchanging currencies. Because internet transactions are not widely available and network problems are common, it is best to exchange and bring additional cash from Istanbul. You can avoid the trouble and cost of coping with bad currency rates in Cappadocia by exercising this foresight.

Suman concludes by warning against lingering longer than is appropriate while visiting Turkey. Although the nation's breathtaking scenery, mouthwatering food, and rich history might entice you to remain longer, she suggests against doing so. You could find it difficult to go back to the hectic routine of everyday life in India because of the fascination of Turkey.

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