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Discover Kerala's Hidden Gems: Suman Kothari Recommends Unmissable Adventures

Suman Kothari recommends unmissable activities in Kerala, including surfing in Varkala, a picturesque sunrise trek in Kolukkumalayi, and others.

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Discover Kerala's Hidden Gems: Suman Kothari Recommends Unmissable Adventures

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  • Surfing in Varkala, Effortless Sunrise Trek, Memorable Cycling, and Thril
  • Boat Ride and Scenic Swing: Varkala's Beauty Beckons.
  • Unmissable Activities Recommended by Suman Kothari for an Adventure-Packe

Suman Kothari, an avid traveler, shares a list of must-try activities in Kerala. First on the list is surfing in Varkala, and she highly recommends @soulandsurfindia for its excellent property and instructors. Surfing enthusiasts are in for a treat.

Suman Kothari's Kerala Picks: 

Next up is the sunrise trek in Kolukkumalayi, a breathtaking experience that requires minimal effort. Suman describes it as a fantastic jeep ride of around 40 minutes, followed by a short 2-minute walk. If you're fortunate, you might find yourself above the clouds, which is truly remarkable.

Cycling through Wayanad offers a fun and memorable experience, and Suman suggests giving it a try. Additionally, she recommends trying ziplining in Munnar, especially because it boasts one of the longest ziplines. Although Wayanad is enjoyable, when you have the option for something better, like Munnar, it's worth exploring.

Lastly, Suman raves about a boat ride in Varkala, emphasizing its stunning beauty. She also mentions a swing that resembles Bali's famous swings, offering breathtaking views that are definitely worth the experience. Suman's recommendations promise an unforgettable adventure in Kerala.

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