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Larissa D'Sa's Candid Post on Taking a Break Strikes a Chord

Amid the hustle culture, travel influencer Larissa D'Sa shared her journey of prioritizing mental health and peace.
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Larissa D'Sa's Candid Post on Taking a Break Strikes a Chord

Photo Credit: Larissa D'Sa Instagram

  • Larissa D'Sa's candid post resonates with netizens
  • Setting boundaries in a fast-paced world
  • 'Sometimes you gotta take some tough calls,' says Larissa

In a digital landscape often dominated by hustle and constant activity, the courage to acknowledge the importance of taking a step back and nurturing one's mental well-being is truly remarkable. Travel influencer Larissa D'Sa recently shared a heartfelt post that has struck a chord with many, advocating for the necessity of self-care and balance.

Larissa D'Sa Shares Candid Post on Social Media

Addressing her Instagram followers, Larissa shared, "It's been a total of a month since I haven't done any major travels. In fact, I was supposed to be in Kenya, Mongolia, and Bhutan this month itself. And guess what, I had to cancel everything! I swear it was SO FREAKING TOUGH to cancel on some really great opportunities, but what do I say…sometimes you gotta take some tough calls."

Struggles of Being Your Own Boss

Acknowledging the demands of being a creative and self-employed individual, she further explained, "Being your own boss and a creative person can be quite a task at times. You wanna be professional with yourself, but a creative person wants to do things at their own pace."

Amidst the relentless race that many find themselves in, Larissa emphasizes the significance of preserving one's creativity and well-being. She encourages others to confront challenges with grace, compassion, and patience, acknowledging that it's okay to take time off when needed.

Her authenticity garnered support from her followers, with comments like, "Can't relate more.. Thank you for sharing and making me feel 'I'm not alone.' More power to you."

Larissa's post is a reminder that in a world that glorifies constant activity, taking a step back to recharge is not only okay but essential for a healthy and fulfilling journey.

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