Sushant Divgikar on Bagging New Film: This Is Very Close To My Heart

"Im just so so thankful for this beautiful news," says Sushant Divgikar.
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Sushant Divgikar on Bagging New Film: This Is Very Close To My Heart

Photo Credit: Sushant Divgikar Instagram

  • Sushant Divgikar gets new film
  • She shares the news on social media
  • Sushant: I know its also all your prayers

Sushant Divgikar, a popular social media influencer has recently announced on social media that she has bagged a new film. She said that this project is close to her heart as this is with her dream director. 

New Film Alert:

Sharing the pictures with the script, she penned a heartfelt caption. She wrote, “OMG! New Film Alert P.S. - don't try and zoom in !!! Kuch nahi samjhega! Don't do unnecessary Panchaayti yet! Now coming to the details that I CAN share —Just received my script copy and have already started fully and diligently preparing for my NEWEST project."

She added, "This is very close to my heart because this Director is one of my dream directors and a legend! I'm crying! Smiling !!! Laughing! Fainting now and then !!! Too many emotions...I'm just so thankful for this beautiful news!"

"Gupt Navratri just started and this is the best news I have got on such an auspicious day. I know it's also alll YOUR PRAYERS and love that has made this possible! Mere saare Gurujanon ka kehna hai , riyaaz karte raho, Phal mile na mile , riyaaz kabhi na hile ! To all my Gurus, I bow in gratitude for constantly believing in me and making me a better artiste, yes, but mostly a better person," she concluded.

Netizens' Reactions: 

Her post has garnered lots of love and the comment section is filled with congratulatory messages. Pavitra Punia and Elli Avrram were among others who commented. 

About Sushant Divgikar: 

Sushant Divgikr, aka Rani KoHEnur, made headlines with his singing and acting debut with ‘Pari Hoon Mai' in the Rhea Kapoor-produced film ‘Thank You for Coming'. She enjoys a massive fan following on social media, all thanks to her melodious singing skills. She has also shared a glimpse of a mystery man on social media recently and confesses about dating him. 


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