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'Long Drive With Mr. Faisu' Off to a Flying Start with Jannat Zubair as First Guest

In the first episode, Mr. Faisu welcomes dear friend Jannat Zubair, making it a hit sensation.
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'Long Drive With Mr. Faisu' Off to a Flying Start with Jannat Zubair as First Guest

Photo Credit: Mr. Faisu Instagram

  • Mr. Faisu's talk show kicks off with a bang, featuring Jannat Zubair
  • The show trends on YouTube within days, amassing over 3 million views
  • Viewers love the playful exchanges between Mr. Faisu and Jannat Zubair

Mr. Faisu, a popular social media sensation, recently launched his talk show, 'Long Drive With Mr. Faisu,' with a flying start. His inaugural guest, none other than his close friend Jannat Zubair, made the episode an instant hit, trending on YouTube. Remarkably, this episode reached YouTube's trending list within just three days, amassing over 3 million views.

A Delightful Ride With Jannat Zubair

The show, which premiered on September 1st and featured Jannat Zubair, captures Mr. Faisu's excitement as he prepares for their journey. He expresses his enthusiasm for this new adventure, especially with a dear friend like Jannat. The video showcases their journey, with Mr. Faisu and Jannat recreating moments reminiscent of 'Rocky Aur Rani Kii Prem Kahani.'

In his words, Mr. Faisu introduces the show, saying, "After significant hard work, I'm introducing 'Long Drive with Faisu' for my audience... Our first guest is a beautiful girl, and when beautiful girls like her act a little, they become even more beautiful... So, it's time for me and Jannat to come together in my very first episode. In this episode, you'll enjoy intriguing conversations and playful banter."

In the video, Mr. Faisu looks dashing in a black shirt and pants, perfectly paired with matching shoes. Meanwhile, Jannat dazzles in a golden kurta, pajama, and dupatta, radiating grace and charm.

Fans Response

Fans have showered the show with love and enthusiasm. One viewer exclaimed, "This episode brought a constant smile to my face for 35 minutes! Faisu, your show will bring smiles to many faces. You're doing something incredible. Nowadays, people are stressed, and you're trying to make them happy. Your good deeds could even make the gods smile. Success should come to you visibly. Lots of love from your fangirl." Many others applauded the vibe of the show.