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Exclusive: Rounak Anand aka Unseen MP Shares His Thoughts on Niche Influencers

Rounak Anand: The world of content is moving towards niche-specific communities

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Exclusive: Rounak Anand aka Unseen MP Shares His Thoughts on Niche Influencers

Photo Credit: Rounak Anand's Team

  • Rounak Anand is also know as Unseen MP
  • He speaks too whosthat360 exclusively
  • He shares his thoughts on niche influencers

The digital content creator Unseen MP aka Rounak Anand is known for his content on Madhya Pradesh. He has exclusively shared his opinion on how specialized content creators are changing the marketing landscape and emergence of niche influencers.


Sharing his thought on Niche influencers, he said, "The world of content is moving towards niche-specific communities. One of the best examples of it is – Niche Content Creators. Unlike traditional celebrities who appealed to masses, niche-specific content creators are focused on specialised topics like gynaecology, food scientist, alcohol expert, state/city specific trivia and even lesser cool hobbies like plant-parenting."

"Creating A Closed Community..."

He added, "Creating a closed community leads to better engagement, retention and connects the creator with people who share similar interests and passion. This is what helps them to influence a group of people more effectively and efficiently. Brands, when recognise the power of such closed communities, hop on to collaborate to reach a specific consumer segment."

"We Are On A Mission..."

He continued, "That's what the vision of Unseen MP is with content creation. We are on a mission to change the brand image of Madhya Pradesh from a ‘Bimaru State' to a ‘State with Culturally-driven values and Rich Heritage'. Targeting a specific audience has helped us connect better with our audience and help brands to reach newer heights."

"As specialized content creation and consumption continues to thrive, such creators will redefine the possibilities of influence and community building in the upcoming social media wave," he concluded.

He made a very valid point about the specific content creation for the target audience that helps in the reach of the influencer. Let us know your thoughts also.

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