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Abhishek Malhan's Request to Elvish Yadav for Clarification Around His Negative PR Comment

Abhishek Malhan urges Elvish Yadav to address misunderstandings amid fan controversies.

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Abhishek Malhan's Request to Elvish Yadav for Clarification Around His Negative PR Comment

Photo Credit: Elvish Yadav and Abhishek Malhan's Instagram

  • Elvish Yadav's cryptic post on negative PR
  • Abhishek Malhan requests a positive approach online
  • The clash highlights a broader concern - the persistent trolling

The reality show Bigg Boss OTT2 might be over, but the controversies surrounding the contestants seem to be far from over. In the thrilling second season of Bigg Boss OTT2, the wild card entrant Elvish Yadav emerged as the winner, and alongside him, Abhishek Malhan, who enjoys immense popularity, was a fan favorite. However, the ongoing comparison and rivalry between these two have led to conflicts among their respective fan bases.

Elvish Yadav on Negative PR Against Him

Recently, Elvish Yadav shared a post addressing negative PR and criticism aimed at him. It appeared that some fans believed the post was directed at Abhishek Malhan, sparking a wave of animosity on social media platforms. In response, Abhishek Malhan, who has always advocated for positivity, took to his social media platform, formerly known as Twitter, requesting Elvish to clarify the intentions behind his comments.

Abhishek Malhan's Message to Fans and Elvish Yadav

Abhishek expressed, "My heart breaks watching people spreading hate to anyone out there who's present on social media platforms. I've always been positive and focused on my growth and wish the same for others. I actually want @ElvishYadav bhai to clear the air about negative PR as his fans are interpreting that it's directed towards me. And I feel the bond we shared inside the house should remain the same outside."

Addressing a concerned fan's query regarding his manager's actions on Twitter, Abhishek confirmed ongoing disagreements about Elvish Yadav's tweets. He stated, "Yes, brother. We've been having constant rifts regarding his tweets. And I've been consistently urging him to delete his Twitter account because I'm not the kind of person who advocates hate speech."

The rise of hate and negativity on social media directed towards Bigg Boss contestants is unfortunately not a new phenomenon. Many contestants in the past have faced similar trolling and hate campaigns on social media. Here's hoping that this situation is resolved amicably and swiftly and that fans can focus on supporting their favorite contestants in a positive and respectful manner.

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