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Abhishek Malhan's Heartfelt Appeal to Bigg Boss Fandoms: Let's Promote Love and Positivity

His plea to promote love and positivity is garnering widespread support.
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Abhishek Malhan's Heartfelt Appeal to Bigg Boss Fandoms

Photo Credit: Abhishek Malhan Instagram

  • Abhishek Malhan addresses the negativity circulating among fans
  • Encourages fans to spread love instead of hate
  • Abhishek's mature perspective

Abhishek Malhan, a standout contestant from Bigg Boss OTT2, continues to win hearts even after the show's conclusion. While the season may be over, the controversies surrounding the contestants are far from fading away.

Emerging as one of the most popular contestants on the show, Abhishek enjoyed immense popularity. His close rapport with Jiya Shankar, fondly known as AbhiYa, gained a massive following. Similarly, his friendship with Manisha Rani, also known as AbhiSha, garnered fan celebration. Unfortunately, certain segments of the fandom began spreading negativity towards rival pairings, prompting Abhishek to address the situation on Twitter.

In his heartfelt tweet, he expressed, "While I respect all fandoms, I do not endorse any form of hatred towards anyone. I've noticed increasing negativity directed toward Jiya recently. Let's promote love and positivity. Big Boss is a game where many things are manipulated. Let's move past it and spread love."

Comments poured in, with many expressing their gratitude for his message. One commenter noted, "This was much needed... Sending lots of love." Abhishek's plea was lauded and praised as a true friend.

In response to a fan's request to stop judging him, Abhishek emphasized his support for his friends Elvish, Jiya, and Manisha. He wrote, "My last word. I love my friends and will always stand by them."

Bigg Boss fandoms have gained notoriety for their passionate support and divided opinions. Abhishek's mature perspective is a fresh reminder to promote positivity, especially with a younger audience following the show. In a show often marred by rivalry, his call for love is a step towards fostering a more harmonious fan community.


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