Spotting Manipulation, Fostering Authenticity: Nitika Malik's Insights

Nitika Malik identifies manipulation signs, emphasizing emotional harm, and advocates for sincerity and genuine relationships.

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Spotting Manipulation, Fostering Authenticity: Nitika Malik's Insights

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  • Nitika Malik highlights manipulation signs
  • Emphasizes emotional toll
  • Advocates sincerity

Nitika Malik gives us a heads-up on five sneaky signs of manipulation. First off, she talks about how your words can get twisted and turned into something negative. Like, you say one thing, but it's interpreted as if you meant something different. That's a classic manipulation move. 

Nitika Malik Highlights Manipulation Signs:

Then, she dives into this idea that instead of doing something out of respect, you end up doing it because you're scared of the person telling you to do it. It's like you're walking on eggshells around them, which is never a good sign. Next up, she touches on the fact that you might not have much say in decisions that affect you. Someone else is calling the shots for you, and you're just going along with it. That's a red flag.

She also talks about how your emotions and feelings can get belittled or mocked, making you doubt yourself. It's like your reactions are always painted as overreactions, which can mess with your self-esteem. Lastly, Nitika brings up a real toxic one – people blaming you for their own mistakes. That's some next-level manipulation right there. In a nutshell, Nitika's message is clear: don't play games in your relationships, whether it's with a partner, friends, or family. Instead, be real, show genuine care, and avoid falling into the trap of manipulation. It's a path that leads to losing people, possibly forever.

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