Jay Shetty's Words of Wisdom: Focus on Practical Work Instead of Overthinking

Jay Shetty highlights his point of view on overthinking.

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Jay Shetty's Words of Wisdom: Focus on Practical Work Instead of Overthinking

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  • Jay Shetty is a famous digital content creator.
  • He shares his opinion on overthinking.
  • How to overcome it?

Are you an overthinker? As human beings, you're faced with countless decisions every day. Most of these decisions are made almost inherently, without a second thought. Yet, when it comes to the decision that truly matters, you find yourself uncertain, hesitant, and unsure. As a result, you will try to avoid that particular work. Overthinking is a most common experience that can clog or affect your decision-making, productivity, and overall well-being.

Jay Shetty a famous digital content creator shares his thoughts. According to him, you make around 33 thousand decisions. And procrastinate about every one of them. It's dependent on you to make the right decision and say ‘yes' or ‘no'. According to Jay Shetty, saying ‘yes' to any decision is better than choosing ‘no'. Other than this it doesn't matter which decision you have chosen, what matters is how much you focus on it.

Reason of Overthinking

Fear of Defeat: Thinking about mistakes or facing negative outcomes will lead you to a situation of worry and failure.

Low Confidence: Self-doubt before starting any work or the doubt of trusting your ability is a sign of a lack of confidence that can fuel overthinking.  

Inconstancy: Uncertainty and inconstancy triggered the need for clarity and comfort, that resides in your potential outcomes.

How to Overcome

Focus on Solution: Instead of overthinking, focus on practical solutions and addressing the problem.

Engage in Activities: Engage with other activities like- playing, exercising, and spending time with others to divert your attention from overthinking.

Build Confidence: Making mistakes in any work field is a natural part of the learning process. So, try to build inner confidence to fight with coming challenges and overthinking.

Mark Jay Shetty's words, and instead of overthinking make your clear decision and spend your energy and time on it. and you realize the importance of change, of making a conscious choice.

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