The Challenges of Creating Content: Insights from Up-and-Coming Creators

Learn how rising content creators Vamakshi Magotra and Muskan Rawat tackle the obstacles in the world of content creation.

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The Challenges of Creating Content: Insights from Up-and-Coming Creators

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  • Vamakshi Magotra and Muskan Rawat talk about the challenges they face
  • Dealing with trolls and mean comments
  • Taking care of mental health

Creating content is on the rise, but it's not always easy. We talked to two rising creators, Vamakshi Magotra and Muskan Rawat, to find out how they deal with these challenges. Here's what they told us:

Creative Roadblocks and How to Beat Them

Vamakshi told us that she sometimes struggles with "creative blocks." She said, "The biggest challenge for me is when I run out of creative ideas. There's a lot of pressure to keep making good content all the time. But I have a team, family, and friends who help me. I listen to their suggestions and feedback to make my content better. I also take breaks to rest and let my creativity recharge. These breaks help me come up with new ideas and give me the energy to keep working."

Dealing with the Pressure on Mental Health

Both Vamakshi and Muskan shared that content creation can really affect their mental health. They've had a hard time dealing with things like harsh comments and online bullying. But they've also found people who support and encourage them. Vamakshi said, "I believe that there are people who look up to me, and that keeps me going. It reminds me that my work is valuable, even when things are tough." 

Muskan added, "In today's society, trolls and unsolicited opinions have become so common! It's honestly not easy to keep ignoring what others are saying, but I am always reminding myself that my mental well-being comes before anyone else's unnecessary judgment. I consciously tell myself that whatever negative things others have to say are more about them than me!"

Staying Yourself in a Changing World

Muskan talked about the pressure of staying relevant while still being true to herself. She said, "Being an influencer comes with challenges. You have to stay true to who you are but also change and grow. I do this by being myself and constantly learning and growing. It helps me become a better person and stay relevant."

In the world of content creation, rising creators like Vamakshi Magotra and Muskan Rawat face many challenges, from running out of creative ideas to dealing with online negativity. Their experiences show us that, even though it's not always easy, we can overcome obstacles by listening to others, taking breaks, and focusing on our well-being. Vamakshi and Muskan are proof that we can succeed by staying true to ourselves and growing in the world of content creation.

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