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Pankti Pandey Highlights the Indian Tradition of Food Preservation

Pankti Pandey, known as 'zerowasteadda', educates about the forgotten Indian tradition of sun-drying food.

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Pankti Pandey Highlights the Indian Tradition of Food Preservation

Photo Credit: Pankti Pandey instagram

  • Pankti emphasizes the financial advantage of sun drying
  • She highlights the practicality and sustainability of sun drying
  • She promotes the reduction of waste and a more eco-friendly lifestyle

Pankti Pandey, known as 'zerowasteadda', sheds light on the forgotten Indian tradition of sun-drying food, emphasizing its practicality and sustainability. In her 'illuminating' post, she shares a picture of sun-dried tomatoes, showcasing the benefits of this age-old practice.

Amidst the influence of Western culture and the prevalence of frozen and pureed food, Pankti reminds us of the wisdom inherent in our Indian roots. India, blessed with ample sunlight and heat, particularly during the summer, provides the perfect conditions for sun drying.

Using the example of tomatoes, Pankti highlights the money-saving advantage of sun drying. When tomatoes were priced at a mere 20 Rs/kg, she chose to sun dry them instead of succumbing to the temptation of frozen puree. Today, as the cost of tomatoes soars to 220 Rs/kg in her city, she emphasizes the value and foresight in preserving food through sun drying.

By advocating for the traditional sun drying method, Pankti encourages individuals to resist the convenience of frozen alternatives. Instead, she urges her audience to take advantage of the unlimited sunlight in India and embrace the sustainable practice of sun-drying tomatoes and various other foods

Pankti's post serves as a reminder of the importance of reconnecting with our cultural heritage and adopting eco-friendly practices. By sun-drying food, we reduce our reliance on frozen products, minimize food waste, and contribute to a more sustainable future.

As 'zerowasteadda', Pankti continues to inspire her followers with her knowledge and insights on sustainable living. Her dedication to promoting traditional practices resonates with those seeking a greener, more mindful lifestyle.

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