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Natural Ways to Prevent Premature Greying; Check Out Here

Simrun Chopra offers advice on how to treat dietary shortages to prevent premature greying naturally.

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Natural Ways to Prevent Premature Greying; Check Out Here

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  • Update your food Intake
  • Deficiency of Calcium
  • Copper rich Water

Many people find premature greying to be upsetting, yet it can be easier than you think to deal with it. Reputable nutritionist Simrun Chopra identifies three major vitamin inadequacies that may be causing premature greying and provides workable remedies. 

Premature Gray Hair: Causes and Options

Premature greying has been related to copper deficiency, which is important for preserving hair colour. Simrun suggests including foods high in copper in your diet, like almonds, sesame seeds, cow liver, and oysters. She also suggests having a cup of copper-rich water first thing in the morning to boost your nutritional intake and promote healthy hair.

The pigment responsible for hair colour, melanin, can be produced less effectively in cases of iron deficiency. Simrun advises getting their iron levels evaluated if they have symptoms such as headaches, brittle nails, and exhaustion following exercise. If required, it may be suggested to take supplements in addition to including foods high in iron, such as legumes, leafy greens, and non-vegetable alternatives in your diet. 

Insufficient amounts of calcium can cause hair follicles to become weaker, which can result in early greying. Simrun advises including dairy products, leafy greens, figs, and almonds in your diet to guarantee that you are getting enough calcium. These foods high in calcium promote general health as well as the health of hair.

You may encourage healthier, more colourful hair and treat underlying inadequacies by include these nutrient-rich foods in your everyday diet. You may confidently accept your natural hair colour and successfully prevent premature greying by incorporating nutrition.

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