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Lataa Saberwal Shares Tips for Students; Read Here

Lataa Saberwal provides scientifically supported methods.
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Lataa Saberwal Shares Tips for Students; Read Here

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  • Regular breaks for enhanced focus.
  • Usage of colors for better recall.
  • The ability of sleep to solidify memories.

Remembering large volumes of material can frequently feel like a difficult task in the hectic world of academics. Nonetheless, even the most challenging topics may be mastered with the correct techniques in place. Lataa Saberwal offers her priceless advice on how to maximize memory retention while preparing for an exam.

Lataa's Tips for Students:

Lataa Saberwal stresses the value of stepping away from hard study sessions for thirty minutes. Based on scientific studies, our brain's ability to retain information decreases after focusing for 25–30 minutes straight. Students may revive their thoughts, sharpen their focus, and eventually boost their recall by taking brief breaks. To recharge the mind as well as the body during these intervals, Lataa suggests deep breathing, modest exercise, such as a quick walk, drinking water, and simple stretching.

Because of the inherent capacity of our brains to associate colors with data, details are easier to remember in the future. Students can improve their memory of important ideas, data, and statistics by using different colored highlighters or markers during their studies. This easy-to-use yet powerful method can drastically improve your ability to retain information and change the way you view studying.

Lataa Saberwal shares the key to her seamless memory recall: a nightly routine that helps her retain tough-to-remember ideas. Spend a few minutes going over tough course subjects before going to bed. Then, review the same content first thing the next day to help you remember it. By making use of the brain's inherent sleep-related steps, this technique facilitates retrieval of data when needed.

Exam preparation advice from Lataa Saberwal takes a comprehensive approach to memory improvement by fusing useful tactics. You can confidently succeed academically by incorporating these strategies into your study schedule.


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