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From Scratch To The Audience Favorite, Meet Meethika Dwivedi

Meethika Dwivedi is one of the youngest and fastest-growing comic influencers.

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From Scratch To The Audience Favorite, Meet Meethika Dwivedi

Photo Credit: Meethika Dwivedi Instagram

  • Meethika's candid comedy style
  • She stands at rank 8 in India's top 100 digital stars
  • She has collaborated with several Bollywood stars.

Whenever the question comes, Who can roast better? How can we even compare Uttar Pradesh people with others? Meet Meethika Dwivedi, hailing from the city of Nawabs has proven the fact that, Yes! We UP people have roasting skills in blood from birth.

Can one imagine, that Meethika is just 19 years old and has her name at no. 8 on the Forbes India list? She has been creating comedy videos since 15 and found popularity at rapid speed. Her typical Lucknowi accent makes her content funnier to watch and feel. Her comic words come naturally through her way of speaking. With her incredible creativity and authenticity, she never fails to hold her viewers' attention.

Let's walk through her journey:

She is 19 years old and hails from Lucknow, Uttar Pradesh. She stands out from the crowd via her unique speaking and roasting skills. Her Instagram feeds are filled with joy and laughter. Her keen observation of day-to-day scenarios helped make her content more real and relatable.

Let's keep an eye on her achievements:

She is one of the youngest and fastest-growing comic creators who garnered 2.8M followers on Instagram in just a couple of years. She has collaborated with Star Sports and has interviewed many sports players and Bollywood celebrities. She was also seen with actors such as Jimmy Sheirgill, Rajkummar Rao, Manish Paul, and Anil Kapoor. She also trends for her Spotify episodes which come every Monday. Her podcast title is 'Meetha aur Teekha', where she roasts and asks funny relatable questions which entertain her audience.

In this vast content-creating world, the name 'Meethika' is now enchanted by millions. Her accent, expression, and style beat the creativity of other influencers and give them tough competition.

She is often seen roasting today's Nibba-Nibbi, examining tension, and how a typical family lives together under one roof. Beyond just creating content, she tries her best to make her audience laugh. She advocates an aura of self-expression and self-powered. If you are someone who loves roasting videos in ‘nawab' style or loves watching funny celebrity interviews, make sure to visit @the_sound_blaze!

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