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Exclusive! Kid Influencers: Kashvi Majmundar's Viral Rise, Yuvaan's Talents, and Modern Parenting

Read about the viral journey of Kashvi Majmundar, meet 11-year-old talent Yuvaan, and explore modern parenting in the digital age. Young stars, big stories!
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Exclusive! Kid Influencers: Kashvi Majmundar's Viral Rise, Yuvaan's Talents, and Modern Parenting

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  • Kashvi's Viral Journey: From age 2 to a global dance sensation!
  • Meet 11-year-old Yuvaan: Talented
  • Parenting in the age of social media

In today's dynamic digital landscape, the rise of child influencers on social media has sparked numerous debates about the age-appropriateness of such exposure. The discussion often centers on whether children are genuinely passionate about content creation or if they are being driven by their parents' aspirations.

Despite these debates, there are shining examples like 8-year-old Kashvi Majmundar, who, from the tender age of 2, showcased a true love for dance. Her journey to becoming a budding influencer was marked by a viral dance collaboration with Nora Fatehi and a notable recreation of Kareena Kapoor Khan's iconic Poo character. 

Equally remarkable is 11-year-old Yuvaan, a multi-talented individual. Alongside making educational videos, he is an artist. Impressively, Yuvaan has even sold one of his NFT creations.

Kashvi Majmundar: Dancing into the Spotlight

At the age of 2, Kashvi found her love for dance and later went viral on social media. Her mom, Pratyusha, shares, "Kashvi always enjoyed her passion for dance and acting. Being an influencer was never a plan, but social media turned it into a platform for her passion."

Yuvaan: From Niche Videos to Edutainment

Yuvaan, 11, began creating videos as a way to cope with his mom's illness. His mom explains, "We started with making different niche videos. Yuvaan found his curiosity getting met with educational videos, and that's when he decided to continue making edutainment videos."

Parenting in the Digital Age

Screen Time and Addiction: Kashvi Majmundar's mom Pratyusha shares, "The most challenging part is to keep devices away from kids. We have restrictions on phone usage and she can only use it for minimal time under our supervision."

Likes and Validation:

Yuvaan's mom reassures, "The number of followers, likes, or hate comments don't validate your efforts. Keep doing what you love, and good things will follow."

Organic Approach: 

Pratyusha emphasizes, "Kashvi never puts content because she has to be regular. She makes content when she wants to and is enjoying the process. This way, it remains her passion and doesn't become a compulsion or job."

Internet Safety:

Yuvaan's mom says, "We've made him aware not to share personal details. All his social handles are managed under parental guidance."

Balancing Act: Passion vs. Pressure

Despite the challenges, both parents take an organic approach. Positive fan feedback motivates Kashvi, while Yuvaan remains more focused on creating content than consuming it. Yuvaan's mom proudly adds, "He is an artist too and spends his time doodling. He makes NFT and has sold one at the age of 11."

In a world filled with debates about kids on social media, these stories shed light on the genuine passion of young influencers and the crucial role parents play in ensuring a positive and secure online experience.