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Combat Hair Thinning Naturally: Somya Bisla's DIY Hair Growth Mask

Learn how to create and use Somya Bisla's DIY hair mask to naturally reduce hair fall and promote hair growth with common kitchen ingredients.

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Combat Hair Thinning Naturally: Somya Bisla's DIY Hair Growth Mask

Photo Credit: Somya Bisla Instagram

  • Somya Bisla is a lifestyle, hair, and fashion influencer
  • She shares an effective DIY to combat hair thinning
  • Take notes to stop hairfall and promote hair growth

Are you struggling with hair fall and hair thinning? You're not alone. Many people face these hair concerns daily, searching for safe and effective solutions. Somya Bisla, a lifestyle, hair, and fashion influencer, shares a simple yet powerful DIY hair mask to tackle these issues head-on. This easy-to-make remedy uses natural ingredients to nourish your scalp and promote healthier, thicker hair.

Step-by-Step Guide to Making the Hair Mask:

Prepare the Ingredients:

Begin by taking a handful of curry leaves and two to three tablespoons of fenugreek seeds that have been soaked overnight. These ingredients are packed with nutrients essential for hair health.

Creating the Mask:

Blend the curry leaves and soaked fenugreek seeds into a smooth paste. If you find the mixture too thick, you can add a little water to achieve the desired consistency. Once the paste is ready, combine it with three tablespoons of curd. For a smoother application, you can blend the curd together with the other ingredients to ensure the mixture is well integrated.


Apply the resulting mixture to your hair and scalp, making sure to cover every area thoroughly. The key is to ensure full coverage so that all your hair and scalp can absorb the nutrients from the mask.


Leave the mask on your hair for about 30-45 minutes. This allows ample time for the ingredients to penetrate the hair follicles and scalp, maximizing the benefits.

Rinsing Off:

After the waiting period, rinse the mask off thoroughly with lukewarm water. Follow up with your usual shampoo routine to ensure no residue remains. It's best to use a mild shampoo to keep the scalp's natural oils intact.

Benefits of Each Ingredient:

Curry Leaves:

Known for their rich antioxidant content, curry leaves help in rejuvenating hair follicles. They are a powerful ingredient for preventing hair thinning and boosting hair growth.

Fenugreek Seeds:

These seeds are a treasure trove of protein and nicotinic acid, which are vital for strengthening the hair shaft. They play a crucial role in reducing hair fall and stimulating hair growth, thanks to their hormonal antecedents that help rebuild hair follicles.

Curd (Plain Yogurt):

Curd acts as a natural conditioner and moisturizer for the scalp, combating dandruff and improving overall hair health. Its protein and lactic acid content strengthen hair follicles and prevent further hair thinning.

Somya Bisla's DIY hair mask is a testament to the power of natural ingredients in combating hair fall and promoting hair growth. By incorporating this mask into your regular hair care routine, you can experience significant improvements in the health and thickness of your hair. So, take notes, grab these kitchen staples, and start your journey to healthier hair today!

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