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Arushi Nishank on Body Shaming: Feel Confident In Your Skin...

Ahead of Women's Day, Arushi Nishank talks about dealing with negativity and body-shaming on social media.

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Arushi Nishank on Body Shaming: Feel Confident In Your Skin...

Photo Credit: Arushi Nishank Instagram

  • Arushi Nishank is an actor and social media personality
  • She has talked about body-shaming
  • Arushi: You all are made for a lot better.

Arushi Nishank has always been someone who's been recognized and known as the ideal representation of 'beauty with brains'. Be it with the choices that she makes as an actress or the choices that she backs as a Producer, she always backs her instincts, goes by her gut feeling, and in the process, more often than not, she achieves tremendous success. Apart from being a successful personality in her field of art and craft, another reason why she's immensely respected and rated highly is because of her vocal nature. In an industry where many professionals take a backseat from speaking their heart out on relevant and important subjects involving the society, Arushi Nishank is someone who's always very vocal and outspoken and it is this personality trait of her's that wins hearts.

In the past as well, she's spoken about different issues, and this time, ahead of Women's Day, Arushi talks about the very important and relevant subject of mental health and body shaming and how the two are interconnected.

Here's What She Said About BodyShaming:

"The world of social media has its pros and cons. As far as women are concerned, one thing that women go through daily is body-shaming and getting slut-shamed for their choice of outfits. If someone is underweight and skinny, they are shamed and if someone is obese, they are also shamed. While we are very quick to pass judgments about someone and how they look, what these people don't understand is that sometimes it's a forced thing and not out of choice. A skinny person perhaps wants to gain weight but there are other medical complications associated due to which she's not being successful. Same with the obese. And the number of women who get shamed for their choice of outfits is uncountable. All this puts an element of self-doubt in these women and they start to think something is wrong with them. As Women's Day approaches, my message is loud and clear to these women. All I would like to say is that please filter what is necessary information and what isn't. Nobody in this world has got the right or power to decide how you should feel about yourself."

She added, "Women empowerment according to me is not just about doing a job independently or wearing clothes of your choice. True women empowerment happens when you don't let all these trivial people from society decide your own worth and you feel confident in your skin the way you are. Change things about yourself only when you feel you should, not when others dictate you to. That according to me is true women empowerment and hence, please don't let such trivial things affect your mental health. You all are made for a lot better. Shine and fly and always be the phoenix that you are."

Well, absolutely brilliant words from Arushi, and such insightful thoughts can only arise from such a mind who's herself so intellectual and street-smart. Kudos to her for inspiring women towards the right direction ahead of Women's Day. 

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