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Anjani Bhoj Shares Formula of Skin-Enhancing Detox Water

Magic detox water: Improved digestion, healthier skin.
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Anjani Bhoj Shares Formula of Skin-Enhancing Detox Water

Photo Credit: Anjani Bhoj Instagram

  • Ingredients for improving skin.
  • Eliminate toxicity and lessen water retention.
  • Nutritious & Flavorful.

Anjani Bhoj shares a recipe for an effective detox water concoction that improves skin and general well-being.

DIY Detox Water:

What you require is a bottle filled with water and a few potent herbs to make this skin-clearing remedy. To begin, add slices of fresh turmeric for its ability to reduce inflammation, then add lemon slices for a detoxifying and vitamin C dose. Add a sprinkling of fresh mint leaves for a cool variation and a pinch of cumin powder, black salt, and black pepper for taste and stomach advantages.

For best efficacy, thoroughly mix everything and let it absorb overnight. Drink this revitalizing beverage all day the following day to enjoy its many advantages. It will not merely help your skin become clearer from the inside out, but it will also help with digesting and bloating reduction.

Anjani Bhoj uses this detox water religiously and credits it for improving her digestion and giving her radiant skin. As she suggests, making this drink a regular part of your regimen can have a positive impact on your general health, intestinal health, and appearance.


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