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Achieve a Sculpted Neck: 15-Day Challenge to Combat Double Chin and Sagging Neck

Double chin and Sagging neck have been troubling you? Well look no further as Akriti Bhardwaj easy to do at home massage got you covered.
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Achieve a Sculpted Neck: 15-Day Challenge to Combat Double Chin and Sagging Neck

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  • Akriti Bhardwaj shares an effective 15-day challenge
  • Revitalize your neck with simple massage techniques
  • Enhance your appearance by addressing double chin and sagging neck

A new 15-day challenge has been unveiled by well-known influencer "Akriti Bhardwaj" to assist you in visibly reducing the appearance of your double chin and sagging neck. We'll look at the detailed instructions she offered in this blog post to help you restore confidence and tone your neck area.

Application of Facial Oil and Moisturising to Prepare Your Skin:

'Akriti' advises massaging your neck area with face oil before beginning the massage techniques. This smooths out the surface and increases the effectiveness of the subsequent massage practice. Furthermore, thorough moisturization gets your skin ready for the rejuvenating procedure.
Gently extend your neck to the side for greater flexibility.
Apply the neck side stretch to start your path to a renewed neck. In order to perform this exercise, "Akriti" softly stretches her neck on both sides. Three times on each side should be repeated in order to increase neck flexibility.

Kneading to Promote Lymphatic Drainage: Detoxification

Use kneading motions on the sides of your neck to stimulate lymphatic drainage. To stimulate lymphatic circulation and lessen the appearance of a sagging neck, imagine kneading bread with your fists.
Pout and Look Up: Using a Pout to Fight the Double Chin
Use the pout and gaze up approach to address double chin issues. Tilt your head upward while pouting your lips, lengthening the muscles in your neck. This motion assists in neck shaping and combats double chin.

Circular massage to increase blood flow and promote radiance

Apply gentle circular strokes on your neck's midline to improve blood circulation. Use your fingertips to carry out this method, reiterating it three times. A healthier-looking neck can be attributed to improved blood flow.
Lymphatic Support: Gently 'V'-Motion Lymph Nodes to Relax
After your massage, concentrate on the lymph nodes. The lymph nodes in your neck can be massaged gently by forming a 'V' shape with your fingertips. This method helps to ease tension and encourage lymphatic drainage.

Maintaining a youthful appearance requires attention to the neck region. Through straightforward yet powerful massage techniques, Akriti Bhardwaj's 15-day challenge offers a complete approach to addressing double chin and drooping neck concerns. You can start your trip to a sculpted neck and more self-assurance by allocating a few minutes per day to this regimen. Don't be hesitant to give this challenge a shot and see the change for yourself.


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