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Throwback Alert! Chandni Bhabhda's Hilarious Alia Bhatt Impersonation

Step into the comical world of Chandni as she brilliantly mimics Alia Bhatt's skincare routine.
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Throwback Alert! Chandni Bhabhda's Hilarious Alia Bhatt Impersonation

Photo Credit: Chandni Bhabhda Instagram

  • Chandni's spot-on Alia Bhatt impersonation
  • A laughter-inducing journey through Alia's skincare and party prep
  • Heartwarming moments as Alia expresses love for Ranbir and their private

In the realm of social media entertainment, Chandni has taken the art of impersonation to a whole new level with her side-splitting imitation of Bollywood actress Alia Bhatt. In a recent reel, she offered viewers a hilarious peek into what an Alia Bhatt "Get Ready with Me" (GRWM) session might look like for her husband Ranbir Kapoor's birthday bash.

The Alia Bhatt Skincare Saga:

Chandni's impersonation begins with the unmistakable high-pitched voice of Alia Bhatt. She humorously introduces her skincare routine with exaggerated enthusiasm, showcasing a cleanser that she claims she "cannot live without." Every word is drawn out and dramatized, capturing Alia's effervescent charm.

Birthday Party Antics

Chandni, still in character as Alia, delves into the party details. She hilariously reenacts Alia's animated storytelling, describing how Ranbir Kapoor flew her favorite cake all the way from London for her birthday. Her body language and expressive gestures add a touch of whimsy to the tale.

Unveiling Alia's Quirky Side

The reel takes a delightful turn as Chandni highlights Alia's unique quirks. She mimics Alia's application of sunscreen, playfully dubbing it the "Smile rule" while wearing an expression of awe. Chandni then nails Alia's infectious laugh, complete with perfectly timed pauses, leaving viewers in stitches.

Love and Laughter

Chandni, in her Alia persona, lovingly mentions Ranbir's upcoming film "Animal" and playfully acknowledges that he follows her posts from a private Instagram account. She shares a heartwarming moment when Alia shows her admiration for Ranbir's appearance in the movie trailer, even praising his "cute lashes."

A Quirky Makeup Routine

The impersonation continues with Chandni mimicking Alia's unconventional makeup techniques, using her hands instead of brushes, perfectly encapsulating Alia's endearing idiosyncrasies.

Private Moments and Party Prep

Chandni, in her humorous take, briefly mentions the private details of their relationship, how they agreed to "Animal" during their dating days, and the beautiful proposal story that remains a cherished secret. She concludes with a playful remark that she won't be applying blush because Ranbir will be present at the party.

Chandni's spot-on impersonation of Alia Bhatt not only tickles the funny bone but also showcases her talent for bringing laughter and warmth to her viewers. It's a delightful journey through the quirks and charm of one of Bollywood's most beloved stars.

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