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Aditi Agrawal Recreates Alia Bhatt Met Gala 2023 Inspired Pearl Sandal

Watch out Aditi's DIY for your next sneaker look.

Aditi Agrawal,Aditi Agrawal instagram

Aditi Agrawal Recreates Alia Bhatt Met Gala 2023 Inspired Pearl Sandal

Photo Credit: Aditi Agrawal Instagram

  • Aditi Agrawal is a content creator who loves to create fun DIYs
  • Aditi recently recreated Alia Bhatt inspired footwear, but with a twist
  • She choose to pick white sneakers instead of block-heels sandals

We often get taken away by the accessories our favourite actors pull off along with their looks. Be it handbags, dresses, footwear or jewellery, we would want them all. But the hard fact is, these accessories are super expensive, and not everyone can afford to have these in their wardrobe. If DIY intricate you, then check out Aditi Agrawal's reel in which she has recreated Alia Bhatt-inspired sneaker shoes which she donned at Met Gala 2023 along with her pearly white dress. Aditi Agrawal'e reel guides you to create a DIY for similar footwear that too an affordable price point.

Alia Bhatt in Pearly White Gown

Alia Bhatt's look was inspired by the iconic supermodel Claudia Schiffer's 1992 Chanel bridal look for which she wore an intricate white pearl embroidered gown that was made with 100,000 pearls by the famous Indian Designer, Prabal Gurung. To carry off the look with elegance and utmost comfort, she wore a block-heel pair of sandals that too were loaded with pearls. Apart from her look the footwear also stole the limelight.

Pearl Footwear

To begin with, Aditi picks a white old sneaker which she wants to recreate somewhat similar to what Alia wore at Met Gala 2023. But the catch here is Alia wore block heel sandals and Aditi prefer to stay comfy so she picked herself an old white sneaker.

She covers all the marks with the marker and starts applying adhesive to stick the pearls according to the pattern of the shoes. She picks all sizes of pearls to create an intricate design on the sneakers. Super-comfy white pearl sneakers are ready.

About Aditi Agrawal

Aditi Agrawal is a digital creator who loves to create fun DIYs. She has over 9M+ followers on YouTube and was titled under "Top 10 Women Breakout Creator at YouTube 2022".

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