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Saloni Gaur's Hilarious Take on Viral Vada Pav Girl

Saloni Gaur, a comic content creator, shares a hilarious reel on viral vada pav girl.

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Saloni Gaur's Hilarious Take on Viral Vada Pav Girl

Photo Credit: Saloni Gaur Instagram

  • Saloni Gaur is a comic content creator
  • Highlights Delhi famous Vada Pav Girl
  • She creates comic and relatable content

In the world of social media, trends come and go with every day, week or month. But in these trends some leaves a long lasting impression. If you follow the trends then there are high chances that you already know Delhi famous ‘Vada-Pav' girl. 

Saloni Gaur, a well-known comic content creator, has recently highlighted vada pav girl in her video. With her skill of acting, she perfectly mimics the vada-pav girl tricks and speeches. From the way she talks to the expression on her face; it's the same like watching a real vada-pav girl. With her humor and understanding she makes every video entertaining, people love to watch it from starting to ending.

She effortlessly picks up on the unique phrases and expressions of vada pav girl, quotes her famous line, “itna besan fakunge kya me,” and skillfully include them into her act. Further, she hilariously shows the wiggles and fights of a vada pav girl. Moreover, Saloni cleverly tackles the humorous aspects of vada pav girl's interactions, particularly handling people's questions with her illogical and hilarious answers. 

With her brilliant acting and comedic timing, she has a unique ability of turning a boring scenario into a laugh-out-moment, which shows her skill and passion towards comedy. Her recent reel proved her talent to understand and notice a character very well. With her perfect choice of video, she successfully resonates with the audience of all ages. 

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