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Ruhee Dosani and Vicky Kaushal's Hilarious Ink Mishap

Social media influencer Ruhee Dosani's fun video with Bollywood star Vicky Kaushal turns into a hilarious ink disaster, capturing hearts and laughs online.

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Ruhee Dosani and Vicky Kaushal's Hilarious Ink Mishap

Photo Credit: Ruhee Dosani Instagram

  • Ruhee Dosani is a famous digital creator
  • Her recent reel with Vicky Kaushal is a laugh-riot
  • We're sure Ruhee Dosani didn't expect the INKISH makeover

Have you ever imagined a simple autograph turning into a laugh riot? Social media influencer Ruhee Dosani shared a fun video with Vicky Kaushal, whose recent song "Tauba Tauba" from his upcoming Bollywood movie, Bad Newz, must be playing in your head. The video begins with the actor casually scrolling through his phone when the influencer approaches him for an autograph. What happened next is a comedy of errors that you won't want to miss.

The Calm Before the Storm: Vicky Kaushal's Phone Scroll

The video kicks off with Vicky Kaushal immersed in his phone (don't miss to eagle-eye Katrina's childhood photo as his wallpaper), probably checking out memes or his latest dance moves. Enter Ruhee Dosani, all excited and starstruck, handing over a pen and paper for an autograph. Little did she know, the universe had other plans for her that day.

The Autograph Request: When Pens Have a Mind of Their Own

As Ruhee handed Vicky the pen, it seemed to have a different agenda—it was low on ink. Vicky, ever the gentleman, tried to make it work by giving it a good shake. And boy, did he shake it! This simple act of kindness quickly escalated into a scene straight out of a slapstick comedy.

The Ink Disaster: Ruhee's Unexpected Makeover

In his earnest attempt to get the pen working, Vicky shook it with such vigor that ink splattered everywhere. When the camera panned to Ruhee's face, it was a sight to behold—she was covered in ink! Her expression? Priceless. It was as if she had just emerged from a cartoon ink explosion. Ruhee's face, now an abstract art piece, turned an autograph moment into a viral sensation.

The Aftermath: Laughs and Viral Fame

The video, unsurprisingly, went viral. Fans couldn't get enough of the spontaneous hilarity and the genuine reactions from both Ruhee and Vicky. Comments flooded in, with people sharing their own funny autograph stories and appreciating the good-natured humor of both personalities. It was a reminder that even celebrities and influencers are not immune to everyday mishaps.

This playful interaction between Ruhee Dosani and Vicky Kaushal not only promoted his new song "Tauba Tauba" but also gave us a hilarious moment to cherish. Sometimes, the best memories are made when things don't go according to plan. So next time you ask for an autograph, make sure the pen is fully loaded—or you might end up with your own ink-tastic story!

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