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Chandni Bhabhda's Hilarious Reel Shows Marwari Mom During Diwali Ki Safai

Marwari mom taunt series looks very relatable for the Marwari households.
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Chandni Bhabhda's Hilarious Reel Shows Marwari Mom During Diwali Ki Safai

Photo Credit: Chandni Bhabhda Instagram

  • Chandni Bhabhda is a mimcry artist
  • She has a knack for content creation
  • Her mimicry skills are uncanny

Chandni Bhabhda who is a mimicry artist and famous content creator rose to fame by replicating Alia Bhatt's dialogues. Born in a marwadi family, she fluently talks the language and depicts the traditional accent while playing Marwadi mother in her reel acts. Donning a traditional red Rajasthani marwadi chunari saree and lakh bangles, she effortlessly transforms into a Marwadi mother and kickstarts the act with so much relatability.

Marwari Mom & Diwali

In her latest reel, Marwadi mom is all set to inspect the Diwali cleanup seasons. In her epic Marwadi accents, she raises her concern about the dust still lying on the spot and taunts her about what people will think when they visit us to greet Diwali.

She then mentions how one of the relatives chose to give us Sonpapdi instead of giving dry fruits or something worthy during the Diwali sweet distribution. Does chuck chuck- the most common Marwadi mom way to show her sense of disappointment.

She looks at the daughter and then taunts her about getting ready early so as to take selfies and amazing pictures. Further says - continue the drill as later you'll have to post the photos on your social media accounts too. Just click pictures and let other chores stay on hold.

Later in her reel, she elaborates on how to perform worship rituals, how to make the swastik, when to lit diya and more. Do not forget the epic taunts she drops on her daughter! Watch the below reel to find out about the epic taunt.

Chandni Bhabhda is a talented mimicry artist known for her remarkable ability to replicate Alia Bhatt's distinctive dialogues. With a knack for capturing Alia's expressions and voice inflexions, Chandni has garnered a significant following on social media. Her comedic and spot-on impersonations of the Bollywood actress have made her a popular entertainer, leaving audiences amused and impressed by her uncanny mimicry skills.

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