Rujuta's Survival Guide to Diwali Late Nights: 4 Things To Do Before Party

Jot down 4 points which must be practised before the Diwali late-night party.

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Rujuta's Survival Guide to Diwali Late Nights: 4 Things To Do Before Party

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  • Rujuta Diwekar is a renowned Indian nutritionist.
  • She promotes the consumption of local, seasonal, and traditional foods.
  • Find 4 things to do before the Diwali party.

As we all know Diwali 2023 is already around the corner and this brings in the time when we head out for Diwali late-night parties to meet and greet our near and dear ones. A Diwali late-night party is a vibrant and joyous celebration that extends well into the night, marking the festival of lights with enthusiasm. Colourful decor, dazzling diyas, fireworks, traditional music, and dance fill the atmosphere. Friends and family come together to exchange gifts, indulge in delectable sweets, and create cherished memories, making it a truly special and lively occasion. So you enjoy Diwali late-night parties without having to worry about the next day and gut health, famous Nutritionist, Rujuta Diwekar and team bring you a simple yet effective guide to Diwali late-night parties that you follow before heading for a party.

4 Things To Do Before Diwali Late Night Party

Eat normally throughout the day so that you don't overeat at night:

This is advised because we often tend to skip meals or eat less during the day so we don't overeat at the party at night and cause trouble to our gut health the next day.

Before leaving home eat a little something:

Small meals like dahi rice or dahi poha are advised to be consumed before you leave for the party. The pre-biotic combination helps keep the gut health stable and also prevents acidity and bloating.

Choose your meal wisely and prefer to sit and eat:

We suggest you move around the deletable and check out the range to be able to pick one appetizer, 2-3 dishes for the main course and one sweet dish. Make sure you have only 3-4 things on your plate. Sit calmly and chew your food to ensure proper digestion.

Make Sure that you are adequately hydrated:

Diwali brings in the time for sweets, fried food, outside food and alcohol are a few things that are dehydrating in nature. Ensure you drink adequate water before eating and after the party to prevent dehydration.

Rujuta Diwekar, a renowned Indian nutritionist, advocates for maintaining health and fitness through the consumption of locally sourced, seasonal, and traditional foods. She prioritizes education on the significance of indigenous culinary choices for overall well-being and weight management. Rujuta emphasizes regular exercise and post-meal activity as essential for staying in good shape and achieving a healthy lifestyle.

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