Nourishing Your Mind by Practicing Feet Massage Daily

Control your mind, experience inner peace, and promote mental clarity by just exercising feet massage daily.

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Nourishing Your Mind by Practicing Feet Massage Daily

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  • Stop overthinking
  • Practice feet massage to restore balance of mind
  • Know about Vayu Tattva

Are you an overthinker? If yes, then just think, which situation causes you to overthink? Overthinking is when you keep thinking about the same thing again and again. Like, worrying about the amount of work, the perfection of the work, and thinking about what someone has said. All these things cause distress, and you are unable to move on even when you want to. 

It is common to experience complete thoughts, overthinking, and inner violence that can disrupt your mental well-being. However to control all these, here's a simple yet powerful practice rooted in Satvic Yoga that can help to restore balance to the mind and promote a sense of calmness. 

One simple yet effective hack to deal with this is applying almonds or oil on your feet and massaging your feet for 5-10 minutes before sleeping. You can also relax your nervous system by practicing pranayama regularly. According to the Ayurveda and yogic philosophy, one such reason for overthinking is the imbalance of Vayu Tattva, one of the five elements or energies that compose the human body. Vayu Tattva highlights the air element and is connected with movement, including the flow of thoughts in the mind.

The daily exercise of foot massage with oil has been admired for its healing benefits. In Ayurveda, it is believed that the feet contain essential energy points connected to different inner organs and systems in the body. Massaging these points with oil, not only nourishes the skin and relaxes the muscles but also restores the flow of energy throughout the body. 

As recommended above,  regular massage of the feet with suitable oil for at least 5-10 minutes every night before sleeping for a minimum of ten days, helps to reduce tension, overthinking, disturbance, etc. This technique is simple yet powerful and can help to encourage a sense of inner peace and promote mental clarity. However, working on yourself every day and focusing on your growth will allow you to have fewer and fewer thoughts over time.


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