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Neha Nagar Highlights How to Save More Tax

Neha Nagar, a financial advisor, tax consultant, and CEO shares her tips on how to save more tax. Read for details.

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Neha Nagar Highlights How to Save More Tax

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  • Neha Nagar on how to save tax
  • Tax benefit ideas for your rescue
  • Hire family members and pay them salary

Financial pressure can burn you out. Neha Nagar, a financial expert, shares her valuable advice on how to save more tax and get benefits.

Hire Your Own Family Members and Relatives: 

Hiring family members can prove to be a significant step to reducing taxes. They can be paid salaries like the way other employees are paid.


It is common for entrepreneurs to travel to places for business purposes. This is done more extensively if entrepreneurs have branches spread across several cities. If you are to save taxes, then the next time you travel, book your travel tickets and accommodation at the company's expense and not from your account. This is considered a business expense and can be deducted from the taxable income of the company.

Convenience Expenses: 

If you are extensively using vehicles and phones for business purposes, then these expenses are deductible as business expenses under the company's book.

Regular Expenses: 

If you are operating your company from home, then you can deduct electricity expenses under the ‘head of the company'. Furthermore, you can also deduct expenses incurred due to the internet connection and rent are also deductible.

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