Multifit- Reshaping The Nation's Fitness Landscape

MultiFit is India's pioneer lifestyle brand in functional training

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Multifit- Reshaping The Nation's Fitness Landscape

  • MultiFit's mission
  • To make fitness a lifestyle choice for everyone
  • MultiFit stands apart from regular gyms

Lexicon Group's MultiFit is India's pioneer lifestyle brand in functional training, reshaping the nation's fitness landscape with its innovative approach and unwavering commitment to holistic wellness. Since its inception in the UK in 2015, MultiFit has been on a mission to make fitness a lifestyle choice for everyone, transcending mere exercise routines to foster a deeper connection between Mind, Body, and Soul.

MultiFit Vision:

Central to MultiFit's philosophy is the groundbreaking iFit model, which redefines traditional notions of fitness by integrating physical exercise with mental and emotional well-being. This holistic approach empowers individuals to embrace fitness as more than just a routine but as a transformative journey toward a healthier, happier life.
Under the visionary leadership of Mrs. Deepti Sharma, MultiFit has rapidly expanded its footprint across India, UK, and the UAE, driven by a shared vision of promoting holistic well-being within vibrant, supportive communities. With a diverse team of over 350 passionate professionals, including top-level athletes and trainers from around the world, MultiFit ensures that its members receive the highest quality guidance and support on their fitness journey.
MultiFit's innovative approach also brought functional training back into the spotlight, offering daily group batching classes that foster a sense of community and engagement. Functional training, superior to traditional training methods, focuses on exercises that enhance everyday movements, resulting in improved strength, balance, and coordination.


 MultiFit stands apart from regular gyms by breaking the monotony of repetitive workouts through scientifically based functional training and HIIT community-driven classes. Unlike conventional fitness centers that often emphasize isolated exercises, MultiFit's approach integrates dynamic, full-body movements that mimic everyday activities, ensuring practical strength and improved functionality. This method, combined with the high-energy, inclusive environment of their HIIT classes, not only maximizes calorie burn but also fosters a vibrant community spirit.
What truly sets MultiFit apart is its vibrant community spirit, where members support and inspire each other through every step of their fitness journey. Programs like Woofgang, War of MultiFitters, and Outbounds foster camaraderie and encouragement, creating an inclusive environment where everyone feels welcome and supported.
These initiatives go beyond typical workout routines, offering unique challenges and team-building activities that strengthen bonds among members. By cultivating a sense of belonging and mutual motivation, MultiFit ensures that fitness becomes a shared, uplifting experience for all


 To support this, MultiFit is dedicated to training its trainers comprehensively, ensuring they are equipped to deliver the best possible experience to members. Our certified trainers ensure members reach their goals and enjoy every workout by providing personalized guidance and motivational support throughout their fitness journey.
As MultiFit continues to expand its presence and influence, it remains steadfast in its mission to help individuals unlock their full potential and achieve holistic fitness and well-being.
Ultimate Bounce at MultiFit, led by Miss Olympia and Head Coach Kate Austin, offers an innovative and enjoyable way to train, suitable for all fitness levels. This low-impact yet highly effective method transforms exercise into a fun, engaging experience, making it perfect for both seasoned athletes and beginners. Bouncing at MultiFit provides profound benefits for the mind, body, and soul, from releasing endorphins to strengthening the heart and improving circulation.
Join the #IamMultiFit movement today and experience the transformative power of fitness with MultiFit.

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